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exploded sup board

SUP board explodes

The unfortunate but truth is that, although very unlikely, it is possible for a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) to explode. There are several theories

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What is a boardbag?

A boardbag is a bag specially designed to protect your SUP board during transport. The boardbag is made of strong and

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sup board storage

SUP board storage

Storing your SUP board is important to ensure your board stays in good condition. There are several ways to store your board

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buoy turn

What is a buoy turn?

A buoy turn is a technique used in stand-up paddleboarding. The buoy turn allows you to turn your board around a buoy, making

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sup board tracking

SUP board tracking

Proper SUP board tracking is essential for an enjoyable trip on the water. Not having solid tracking of your SUP board costs extra energy

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Suppen in winter

Supping in winter is a popular activity. Although most people tend to do supping during the summer months, supping in the

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ISUP: what is the meaning?

As soon as the term 'ISUP' is mentioned, confusion often arises. However, this is not necessary, as the term means 'Inflatable SUP board'. It is all about

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Nicole Staartjens
Nicole Staartjens

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