SUP Board 150 kg: see now which boards are suitable!

sup board with 150 kg carrying capacity

Are you a bit taller than most people? Or are you looking for a SUP board for several people? Then a SUP board with 150 kg carrying capacity are a good option. On this page we therefore compare different SUP boards with a carrying capacity of 150 kg for both one person and several people. 

This is how you find out which boards are suitable for you or your family. In addition, we provide a brief description of certain models so that you can make a choice more easily. So are you looking for a SUP board with a 150 kg weight capacity? Then please read along with us.

Why choose a SUP board with high load capacity?

If you are a bit bigger and would like to preventing the board from sagging in the middleIf you are a beginner, a board with a higher weight is highly recommended. It can sometimes happen that the standard weight does not correspond to your body weight. In this case, it is ideal to buy a board with a larger weight. This allows you, as a larger/heavier person, to enjoy paddling on the water.

Moreover, it is at a board with a higher carrying weight enables two people to paddle at the same timeprovided that the maximum carrying weight is met. So you can always board on your own, but if someone wants to come along, that's no problem. That person does not have to buy their own board right away or use it for other purposes. one to rentwhich of course saves time and money. In addition, this is the perfect way to a starting supper learn the basics of stand up paddling.

Solid or inflatable SUP board?

When you are looking for a SUP board with 150 kg carrying capacity, it is smart to take into account the different types of boards. For example, there are solid and inflatable boards available. Both SUP boards have their advantages and disadvantages, but the inflatable has more advantages in this case. We therefore recommend everyone to choose an inflatable SUP board with 150 kg carrying capacity.

  • One of the reasons for this is that they are easy to transport and do not weigh as much as a solid board. Besides, the boards are a bit thicker and they are filled with air, which makes you float better on the water. Moreover, inflatable SUPs are ideal for beginning surfers, as they are cheaper than solid boards.

Which SUP boards are available with a 150 kg carrying capacity?

We would like to tell you more about the different models that have a high carrying capacity. In this respect, a distinction can be made between SUP boards for one or more people. Therefore, we will tell you more about the different boards which all have a high carrying weight. This way you will already know more about the SUP boards with a 150 kg weight limit.

MOAI 11′ SUP (150 kg)

The MOAI 11′ is a beautiful SUP board with an attractive design and a load capacity of 150 kg. This makes the board extremely suitable for large people for whom the standard weight is not sufficient. If we compare this board with the 'Aqua Marina Triton', we can see that the 'Aqua Marina Triton' is not as big as the 'Aqua Marina Triton'. MOAI 11′ weighs 2.5 kg more. This makes the board more robust and durableand it is an ideal model for the big supper.

Aqua Marina Triton (150 kg)

Are you looking for a slightly cheaper board with a 150 kg carrying capacity? Then the Aqua Marina Triton is a good choice. This board is a a lot cheaper than other SUP boards with a high carrying capacity. It is therefore a perfect choice for those who are not yet sure whether Supping is really for them, or for people who will not be using the board very often.

Aqua Marina Atlas (170 kg)

The Aqua Marina Atlas is a qualitative SUP board with a carrying weight of no less than 170 kg. This board is therefore ideal for persons up to 150 kgas there is then still some space left. The board can also be used by several people up to a combined weight of 170 kg. However, in that case it might be smarter to choose a family SUP board, such as the 'Aqua Marina Super Trip'.

Aqua Marina Hyper 11'6″ (170 kg)

One of the more expensive SUP boards in this segment is the Aqua Marina Hyper. Do you prefer quality and does the price not really matter? Then this is the most ideal board for you. With a maximum weight of 170 kg, you have more than enough leeway to get on the board at 160 kg. So it is also possible to paddle with two personsprovided the combined weight meets the maximum load capacity.

Aqua Marina Super Trip (210 kg)

Are you specifically looking for a SUP board for several people? Then look no further! The Aqua Marina Super Trip is specially designed for two or more people.. This is quickly reflected in the length of the board. There is even enough room for three people to get on the board. Please note the maximum weight of 210 kg.

SUP board with 150 kg carrying capacity from Watersports4fun

Now that you have a better idea of the different models with a high loading weight, it is time to choose one. It is a good idea to ask yourself whether you are looking for a single- or multi-personal board. Do you want a board for yourself? Or do you expect that one day someone will come along? In either case, take note of the maximum load capacity.

This is essential for the life of a SUP board, because it prevents the board from sagging in the middle. Are you still looking for a paddle or accessories? Then take a look in our webshop where you can filter on the carrying weight.

Last updated on 07/02/2022

Nicole Staartjens
Nicole Staartjens

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