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Besides our wide range of SUP boards, there are also certain SUPS that we do not sell ourselves. Nevertheless, we want to inform our customers about the best SUP boards on the market. We cannot leave out the Decathlon stand up paddle boards.

That is why we would like to tell you more about the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages by means of a top 5. This way you will know exactly which Decathlon SUP boards are suitable for whom and what you can expect from them. Are you reading with us?

The different Decathlon SUP boards

In this Decathlon SUP board review We would like to provide you with more information about the SUPS range at Decathlon. We do not sell these boards in our webshop, but we would like to inform you about them.

Decathlon offers different kinds of SUPS of the brand 'Itiwit'. These differ not only in price, but especially in purposes and characteristics. We would also like to tell you more about the supplied items, such as possible Decathlon SUP paddles. On the basis of short reviews we hope we have been able to inform you sufficiently about the wide range of products Decathlon has to offer.

1. Itiwit Touring SUP Board 12.6

The 'Itiwit Touring SUP Board 12.6' is a SUP board which is is specially designed for travelling long distances. With a length of 12'6" (381 cm) and a width of 29" (74 cm), it is an ideal board for moving smoothly across the water. The board is specially designed for lightweight persons between 60 and 80 kg. They can therefore go on long trips without any problems.

Thanks to its thickness of 15 cm and its weight of 12 kg, the board is easy to transport. Moreover, it is an inflatable SUP which can be used up to 17 PSI can be inflated and is equipped with a luggage elastic. This allows you to take a cooler, dry bag or other luggage with you on the water.


  • Suitable for beginners who like to travel long distances;
  • Fairly cheap for a touring SUP;
  • It is a combination of a touring/racing SUP.


  • The maximum load is only 80 kg;
  • Few extras are included.

What is included?

The 'Itiwit Touring SUP Board 12.6' comes standard with a carrying bag, so that you can easily transport the board. Unfortunately, no ankle cord is included, air pump or paddle included.


In practice, the board is ideally suited to people between 60 and 80 kg who like to travel long distances. However, in rough waters, such as at sea, the board is less stable. This is, of course, because the board is on the narrow side, but it does make it easier to propel yourself across the water. In short, An ideal board for beginning surfers who like to make long tours.

2. Itiwit Race SUP Board 12'6

The 'Itiwit Race SUP 12'6' is an intermediate size of a Race SUP and Touring SUP. The Decathlon SUP board is, as the name suggests, 12'6 long (381 cm) and 25" wide (63.5 cm). This model is suitable for persons weighing between 60 and 80 kg and the pointed nose makes it easier to speed up.

Like most SUP boards, it is 15 cm thick and weighs only 12 kg in total. This makes the board easy to take to different locations. Pump up the board to 17 PSI and then take it out on the water. Take a water bottle with you by attaching it to the small elastic band.


  • The pointed nose makes it easier to pick up speed in the water;
  • It is a perfect combination of a race/tour SUP.


  • The board is relatively expensive, as hardly any accessories are included;
  • The maximum load is only 80 kg.

What is included?

In addition to the Itiwit Race SUP Board 12'6', you will also receive a handy carrying bag in which you can easily take the board with you. Unfortunately, no ankle cord, air pump or paddle are included.


The board is a perfect intermediate size for people who hesitate between a touring SUP and a racing SUP. You can make a lot of speed with it, thanks to its pointed shape. However, the board is not very stable on rough water due to its narrow width.. Also, the price is quite expensive for a board with hardly any accessories.

3. Itiwit Race SUP Board 14'0

The 'Itiwit Race SUP Board 14'0' from Decathlon is A real racing SUP for experienced people. Thanks to its length of 14'0" (427 cm) and its width of 25" (63.5 cm), it is perfect for moving across the water. This model is therefore extremely suitable for paddling competitions, provided you meet the 60 to 80 kg weight limit.

This Decathlon SUP of 15 cm thickness and a total weight of 13 kg is easy to transport in the carrying bag. It is in fact an inflatable SUP that can be used up to 17 PSI can be inflated. On location, you take the SUP out of the bag and pump it up in no time, so you can quickly get on the water. It is also possible to take a bottle of water with you thanks to the small elastic band on the board.


  • Achieve high speeds thanks to the long and narrow dimensions;
  • At high speeds, the board is very stable and you easily paddle in a straight line.


  • The maximum load weight is on the low side;
  • This model is not very suitable for beginners;
  • Fairly pricey for what you get.

What is included?

In addition to the 'Itiwit Race SUP Board 14'0', you will also receive a handy carrying bag, so that you can easily transport the board. Unfortunately, no paddle, ankle cord or high pressure pump are included.


This model is perfect for people between 60 and 80 kg with some SUP experience. The board is very narrow, so you experience little stability at low speeds.. The more you speed up, the more stable the board feels. Still, we think this board is one of the lesser ones in this list, as you hardly get anything included.

4. Itiwit Beginners SUP Board 11'0

For beginners the 'Itiwit Beginners SUP Board 11'0' is a good choice.. The board is 11'0" (335 cm) long and 25" (86 cm) wide. This gives you a lot of stability on the water and makes it easier to practice. In addition, the maximum load is 110 kg.which makes it suitable for many people.

The total weight of this board is only 10.5 kg and is, like most SUPS, 15 cm thick. It is also inflatable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. Once on location, you can inflate the board to a height of 15 cm. 15 PSIafter which you can put the board in the water.


  • You may want to work with your child or dog on the SUP board;
  • Perfect for beginners thanks to the stability of the board.


  • The width and length reduce your speed on the water.

What is included?

Besides this beautiful Decathlon SUP board, you will also receive a carrying bag, so that you can easily transport the board. Also included is an ankle cord, which is handy for beginners. When you end up in the water, the board cannot float far away from you. However, you will need to purchase a paddle and an air pump. These are not included in the standard delivery.


The 'Itiwit Beginners SUP 11'0' is the perfect SUP board for beginners. Looking at the other Decathlon SUPS, this model does come with an ankle cord. Also, the price is quite low, which makes it more affordable for beginners.. You will still need to buy a paddle and a pump, but the costs will be limited.

5. Itiwit Beginners SUP Board 10'0

The 'Itiwit Beginners SUP 10'0' is a board with a length of 10'0 (305 cm) and a width of 32" (81 cm). The board is therefore quite stable and ideally suited to beginners weighing between 60 and 80 kg.. This is also the smallest Decathlon SUP board, but certainly not the least.

The board is only 12.5 cm thick and has a total weight of only 9 kg. Thanks to the included carrying bag, this makes it very easy to take the board with you. Once you are on location, pump up the board to 15 PSI and your SUP adventure can begin.


  • Ideal as a first SUP for children;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Very stable compared to other SUPS.


  • The board is only 12.5 cm thick, whereas the norm is 15 cm;
  • Maximum carrying capacity is only 80 kg.

What is included?

Besides the perfect SUP board for young beginners, you will also receive a carrier bagThis makes it easy to carry around. An ankle cord is also included, so that the board cannot simply float away. Unfortunately, you still need to buy your own paddle and air they are not included.


The 'Itiwit Beginners SUP Board 10'0' is ideal for children who want to start stand up paddling. However, it is a less suitable board for adults. The maximum weight is only 80 kg. Nevertheless, it is a fairly stable board and can are a good choice for beginners.

Conclusion Decathlon SUP board review

Looking at the different Decathlon stand up paddle boards in this review, we can conclude that they are pretty good SUPS. However, we notice that none of the boards from Decathlon have a SUP paddle is included. This is of course a pity, because you will have to buy these separately. However, this does make the prices of most Decathlon SUPS a lot lower.

Would you rather buy a complete set? Then go to our webshop now. Here, you will find a wide range of different SUPS of well-known brands. Most of these SUP boards are standard delivered with carrying bag, paddle, air pump, fin and ankle cord. This way, you get all the necessities in one go and you know for sure that you won't miss anything for your SUP adventure. In short, at Watersporst4fun you are at the right place for all your SUP products.

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