What is the best way to hold your SUP paddle?

hold a sup paddle

Stand-up paddling (SUP) is a great way to enjoy the water and have a good workout. It is also a sport where proper technique is crucial to get the most out of your sessions.

One of the most important aspects of SUP is holding your paddle. Here are some tips to help you get the right stance and have a good tracking on the water guarantee.

How do I determine the correct length of a SUP paddle?

To get the right length of your SUP paddle to determine, hold the paddle upright next to your body. The handle of the paddle should be at shoulder height and your arm should be comfortably bent as you place your hand on the top of the handle.

If you have an adjustable paddle, you can adjust it to the right length. If you have a non-adjustable paddle, make sure you choose the right length before buying the paddle.

In general, the length of your paddle should be about 20-30 cm longer than your height. If you want to paddle in waves, it is better to use a shorter paddle, while if you paddle on flat water, you can use a longer paddle.

Where should you place your hands on a SUP paddle?

When holding the SUP paddle, place your hands about shoulder-width apart on the paddle. Make sure your hands are not too close to the edge of the blade, as this can reduce your power and lead to fatigue in your arms.

Hold the paddle firmly, but not too tightly, and make sure your hands are in a neutral position. You don't want to have tension in your hands or arms, as this can lead to fatigue and pain.

What is the front end of my SUP paddle?

It is not always easy to determine the front of your SUP paddle, but if you do it correctly it will affect your strength and balance.

There is a kink in the blade of the paddle and it regularly causes confusion for beginner suppers. Make sure the blade points forward when you hold the paddle, so that it points exactly down when you have it at the level of your feet.

The right technique is important

Holding your SUP paddle may seem simple, but it is an important aspect of SUP technique that deserves a lot of attention. Make sure you adjust your paddle to the right length, place your hands in the right place and keep your hands and arms relaxed and comfortable.

Moreover, it is important to remember that, apart from holding your paddle, proper paddling technique is also crucial for a successful SUP trip. Make sure you use proper stroke technique and distribute your weight across the board to maintain the right balance.

All in all, learning the right SUP technique can take some time, but by practising and paying attention to proper posture and paddling technique, you can soon enjoy a great SUP experience. Well-known techniques you can practise are the pivot and buoy turn.

Good luck and have fun on the water!

Last updated on 08/03/2023

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