SUP Boards with a seat: which models are suitable?

sup board with seat

Always a SUP board Would you like to have a board with a seat, so you can sit down and enjoy the ride? Then you are at the right address at Watersports4fun. How nice it is when, after a long time standing on your board, you can sit down and relax.

In this case, it is an ideal solution to a seat to attach to your SUP board. In this way, you create a kayak with open sides. Then you can sit down comfortably and keep paddling forward. A SUP board with seat is ideal when you are travelling long distances and want to take a break in between.

Where do you attach a SUP board seat?

Do you want to install a seat on your SUP board? Then you might wonder where you can do this best. The best place to mount a seat on your board is in the middle or just behind.. Do you position the seat slightly back from the middle? Then the front of the board will be slightly upwards, which makes it easier to break and face waves.

Do you choose to place the seat exactly in the middle? Then you can lean back a little further and sit comfortably.. Usually, a kayak seat is installed on the board, so that you can sit comfortably on a soft foam seat seat. In addition, the seat is often equipped with a backrestso that your back does not suffer from the constant tensing of your muscles.

For whom is a SUP board with seat suitable?

In principle, a SUP board with seat is suitable for everyone who needs it. It is especially nice for people who often travelling long distances and touring on their boardsand after a while they want to take a rest.

During the Supping This is because you train your whole body, which can be tiring after a while. It can therefore be nice to be able to sit down for a while, while continuing to paddle comfortably.

On which SUP boards can I attach a seat?

There are several SUP boards available on which you can install a seat. These models have special attachment rings on the board, which makes it possible to install a seat. Below, we will discuss a number of these models on the basis of short descriptions.

1. The Bluefin Cruise SUP

Are you choosing the Bluefin Cruise SUP? Then you choose for quality. This model is available in 3 different sizes and can therefore be selected according to your wishes. Do you prefer a board with more stability? Then choose the widest version. For more speed, the exact opposite is true.

The best thing about this model is that it comes with a standard a 2-in-1 paddle is included in the deliverywhich can be used for both Stand Up Paddle Boarding and kayaking. Also The seat is supplied as standard with this version.. So the perfect deal for everyone who definitely wants to go kayaking with his/her SUP board.

2. The Aqua Marina Breeze

The Aqua Marina Breeze also has the necessary mounting rings to place a chair. However, the price of this board is much lower than most SUP boards. You only have to compromise on the size and the maximum weight.

The board is only 275 cm long, 76 cm wide and 12 cm thick. This is a lot shorter than the average SUP board. The maximum weight is also a bit on the low side at only 95 kg. We recommend to use keep at least 10-15 kg under the maximum. So for persons under 80 kg this is a perfect board to begin with.

3. The Aqua Marina Fusion

The Aqua Marina Fusion is a widely used inflatable SUP board that is often sold. Most people just don't realise that you can also attach a seat to it. It is therefore, without people realising it, the most popular SUP board to which you can attach a seat.

Looking at the quality of this model, it is certainly a wise choice. For example, the board is no less than 315 cm long, 76 cm wide and 15 cm thick. This makes the SUP very sturdy and stable on the water. Moreover, thanks to its length in combination with its small thickness, you can make quite a bit of speed with it.

4. The Aqua Marina Vapor

We regularly see the Aqua Marina being used in combination with a seat. This board is equipped with special mounting rings to which a kayak seat can be attached.. This allows you to sit comfortably during the trip and to continue to paddle calmly.

With a length of 300 cm, a width of 76 cm and a thickness of 12 cmIt is a board with high stability. So, when you sit down, you can easily keep your balance. In addition, the maximum carrying weight with 100 kg relatively low. It is therefore a perfect SUP board for a person weighing around 80-90 kg to have a seat on.

5. The MOAI 10'6″ SUP

The MOAI 10'6″ SUP is a board from the well-known SUP brand MOAI. They are known for the beautiful design and high quality of their SUPs. That is why this board is a bit more expensive than the average SUP. However, you will notice that the quality is much higher on the water.

This model is no less than 320 cm long, 81 cm wide and 15 cm thick. Because of this, you experience a lot of stability on the water and you can also move forward effortlessly. Moreover, it is possible to attach a SUP seat to this board via the attachment rings on the board.

Possible equipment for a seated paddle

Are you buying a SUP board with seat? Then keep in mind that you will need another paddle. As soon as you put a seat on your SUP, it is basically transformed into a kayak. You cannot easily switch from one side to the other with your paddle.

When you buy your SUP board with seat, make sure you also buy a 2-in-1 SUP/kayak paddle. This paddle can be used for both SUP and kayaking. On one side of the paddle, an extra blade can be placed, so you can use it for kayaking.

Certainly not to be forgotten is the seat. Most boards do not come with a seat. Are you planning on buying a SUP board with seat? Don't forget to buy the seat separately. You can easily order the seat separately in our webshop.

Buy SUP board with seat from Watersports4fun

Would you like to have a SUP board with seat? Then take a look in our webshop and find the most suitable SUP board for you.

Do you find it difficult to find a good board? Or are you not sure what to look for? Then feel free to contact us for tailor-made advice. That way you can be sure to find a SUP that meets your personal requirements. Don't forget to order your kayak seat separately. These are not included with every board.

Furthermore, you can count on the sparkling service of Watersports4fun, which includes a 30-day cooling-off period. Are some products not to your taste? Then you can return them within 30 days, free of charge. All orders over € 100,- will be delivered for free and after a few days you can already enjoy your new board.

Last updated on 15/04/2022

Nicole Staartjens
Nicole Staartjens

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Nicole Staartjens
Nicole Staartjens

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