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single layer sup board

In the world of SUP boards, there are many different types available. Manufacturers usually use a certain type of production method. This means that some boards are made in a different way than others. This mainly concerns the design of the board, which ultimately determines its characteristics and properties. 

Thus we know the Single Layer drop stitch, Double Layer Drop Stitch-Fusion and Hardboards. All these different types are produced differently. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Single Layer drop stitch technique and tell you what it entails. Are you reading with us?

What is a Single Layer SUP Board?

A Single Layer SUP is a board that consists of a bottom and top layer of one PVC layer. Between these PVC layers, so in the core of the board, is the drop stitch. The drop stitch consists of polyester threads that are placed in the air chambers.

As soon as the board is inflated, these threads become taut and thus rigid, as it were. This achieves a higher stiffness, making the board more durable and longer lasting. This technique has been applied by (almost) all manufacturers in recent years to their inflatable boards improve.

What are the most important features?

It is good to know the characteristics of a Single Layer SUP board. Here, we will discuss not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of a board made of a layer of PVC. In this way, you can best decide for yourself what kind of board you think you need.


  • The board is inflatable and therefore easy to take along;
  • Because the board consists of only one layer of PVC, it is lightweight;
  • Easy to roll up, as only one layer needs to be rolled up;
  • Boards are cheaper because fewer materials are used.


  • Can leak faster with only one layer of PVC;
  • Less sturdy, so the board can sag more easily.

Who is a Single Layer SUP board suitable for?

Now that you know a bit more about the properties of the board, we can tell you more about who such a board is suitable for. The one-ply PVC boards are lightweight, inflatable and more manoeuvrable than other types.

They are also much cheaper, as they require fewer materials. This makes them ideal boards for beginners. It must be said, however, that the boards may sag over time, reducing the experience.

However, at the beginning you are mainly concerned with your balance and technique so you don't really notice this yet. But are you planning to enjoy your board for a longer time? Then a double-layer PVC board might be more suitable.

SUP Boards from Watersports4fun

Are you still looking for a suitable SUP board? Then take a look in our webshop. Here you will find many different models of SUPs from the best brands on the market. You have a wide choice from different types, which differ from each other in price, purpose and quality.

Not sure what kind of board you need or you just can't figure it out? Feel free to contact our customer service by phone, email or live chat. We are happy to help you find a suitable SUP board.

Last updated on 07/02/2022

Nicole Staartjens
Nicole Staartjens

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Nicole Staartjens
Nicole Staartjens

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