Suppen is the perfect outing for you and your team!

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Do you have a team outing planned soon and have you been asked to organise it? Then of course it would be great to go supping with the whole team, especially during the summer months. Supping has gained tremendous popularity in recent years and is therefore great fun to do, especially for team outings. Especially when there are a few people in your team who find it difficult to keep their balance, you will have a lot of fun! Of course, it is nice that when you go supping, you do it with an instructor. It's not very difficult, but you need to know how to do it!

What exactly is supping?

Suppen is short for Stand Up Paddle Board. This means that you stand on a kind of surfboard and use a paddle to move yourself forward. It is similar to surfing, but only while standing up. The nice thing about supping is that you can make it as difficult as you want. For example, you can start by kneeling on your board, and as you get better, you can stand on one leg. If you really get the hang of it, you can of course also just stand with both legs, so that you have to keep your balance extra well.

Make it a full-day programme with your team

Of course, supping all day is a bit too much of a good thing. Besides the fact that it is quite intensive, it is also nice to be able to do something besides supping where you can be with each other and have a nice chat. For example, you can choose to have lunch together after supping, so that you can discuss the wild adventures on the water together and recover immediately from your strenuous efforts. After lunch, of course, you still have a whole day ahead of you. A nice additional activity would be, for example, a visit to a Online Casino Netherlands. So you can play all kinds of different games together and who knows, maybe someone will win the grand prize.

The conclusion of the day

After you have had a fantastic day, a good finish is of course in order. What better way to do this than by having a delicious meal together. After you have tried your luck in the casino, if you feel like it, you can of course try your luck on your phone in a 10 euro deposit casino. Of course, it is nice to put your phone aside during dinner, because after such a great day there is of course more than enough to chat about with each other. So if you want to organise an unforgettable day away, an activity such as supping is a must.

Last updated on 21/11/2022

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