SUP safety: check out 8 useful tips to paddle safely

safe surfing

Safety is very important when you go surfing. It is not only about your own safetybut also to those of others. Every year, we see that more and more people step on a SUP board for the first time. This is mainly because it is a low-threshold water sport and it is becoming increasingly popular. 

However, it is important that you have a SUPboard not as a toy, because you can sometimes find yourself in awkward situations. That is why we would like to give you some tips, so that you can safe to go surfing.

Tips that help with safe surfing

We have put all the useful tips together. This gives you an overview of things that can contribute to a comfortable and safe adventure on the water.

1) Make sure you can swim well

When you go out on the water with a SUP board, it is of course essential that you can swim well. But you stand on a board, don't you? Why do you have to be able to swim? It is hardly preventable to fall off a board sometimes, unless you have been doing it for years.

However, it sometimes happens (even with the best) that you fall off the board and end up in troubled water. In this case, it is helpful if you can swim well and get back on your board.

2) Use an ankle cord

No matter how well you swim, you cannot influence the water. Therefore, always use an ankle cord to secure the SUP board to your ankle.. This prevents the board from drifting too far away and becoming inaccessible. This can happen when you go surfing on rough water, like in the sea. If you want to surf safely and prevent that you can't reach your board anymore, an ankle cord is highly recommended.

3) Put on a life jacket

Do you really want to go safe? Then we recommend that you always (just to be on the safe side) put on a life jacket, even if you can swim well.. An unexpected fall into the water can result in disorientation, making you momentarily unsure of where you are or how to get to the surface.

With a life jacket, you know for sure that you are floating back up to where the water surface is. Especially when you are on rough waters or go sea-surfing We recommend this, as the current can be treacherous.

4) Be aware of the environment

Safety is paramount when it comes to paddling And an essential part of that is being aware of the environment around you. Think of the weather, the waves, other surfers, boats and objects. When you are are aware of the surroundings, you know what can and cannot be done.

Therefore, keeping an eye on your surroundings is crucial if you want to go on a safe paddle. Especially for beginners it can be difficult to master your technique and at the same time watch your surroundings. However, it is a perfect challenge to get better and especially safer. As a starter, we recommend you to look for a beginner SUP board.

5) Always go prepared

Before you step on the plank it is important to know what to do in different situations. So always consider in advance what could go wrong and try to find a good solution. Should something really go wrong on the way? Then you don't need to panic, but you can act immediately. Also the maintenance of your SUP board is very importantIn this way, you can always be sure that you are going out on the water with properly functioning equipment. 

Finally, it is wise to map out a route in advance where you want to go surfing. Do this especially if you are going alone. Let your friends and family know where you will be going and give the route to them in case something happens. Then there are at least people who know where you are.

6) Take the weather conditions into account

Like the water, the weather is uncontrollable. Therefore, make sure you be aware of the weather conditions and forecasts. Is it going to storm very hard, for example? Then it is usually not wise to go on the water.

The water can be very rough and can cause problems while paddling. Also you don't want to end up in wild water, as it is often difficult to swim. So before you go surfing, always check the weather forecast.

7) Go paddling with someone

You can already be very Safe paddling when you go with one or more people. This way, you don't necessarily have to inform someone about where you are going to go surfing, because there are others who can come to your aid. Besides, it is much more fun to go with a small group. That way you can help each other and have a great day.

Do you choose to go alone? Make sure you take a drybag (waterproof bag) with you. You can put your phone in it, so you can take it with you on the water. In case something goes wrong? Then you can quickly call someone. It is wise to take a phone that can stand a little water. View all our SUP accessories now.

8) Remember the time

It is, of course, wonderful to watch the sunset during your trip. However, please note that you can see less and less after sunset. This automatically makes you less aware of your surroundings, which makes things a bit more unsafe. Would you like to go windsurfing on a warm summer's evening? Always stay close to the shore or the edge of the river.

Safe surfing with a SUP board from Watersports4fun

If you have read through the tips, it may seem as though there are quite a few dangers involved in SUP. However, this is not true at allWe have always considered the most dangerous situations that could arise. Do you follow the tips we have mentioned? Then little can happen. That is why safe surfing is essential for the safety of yourself and others.

Would you like to go supping, but you don't have a board yet? Then take a look in our webshop. Here we offer different kinds of boards, special paddles suitable for suppingWe also offer clothing and accessories to help you get around safely. Think of drybags, ankle cords and much more! In short, at Watersports4fun you are at the right place for all your SUP products.

Last updated on 07/02/2022

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