Putting on and taking off a Wetsuit: How do you do this in a handy way? Read all tips here!

donning and doffing of wetsuits

Putting on a wetsuit is not the easiest task in the world. There are wetsuits in different shapes, sizes and thicknesses, so the way you put it on can differ a lot. There are, for example, sturdy, thick wetsuits for kite surfing and thin, fragile wetsuits for swimming. 

With both types, it is important that you do not put on the suit correctly to avoid losing its functions. Therefore, we would like to tell you more about putting on a wetsuit and give some useful tips on how to do it best.

What should you be aware of when putting on a wetsuit?

There are a number of things you be careful when putting on a wetsuit. Certain factors can cause you to barely or not at all put on a wetsuit. This is why it is important to pay attention to this.

Do you find out when putting on your wetsuit that it is too small or too tight? Then it can become more difficult to put on your wetsuit. In this case it is not the technique, but the fact that the wetsuit is too small. Do you notice, for example, that your breathing is impeded or your circulation is restricted (in some areas)? Then in all probability your suit is too small. It is then advisable to purchase a larger suit.

Do not assume that your wetsuit will adapt to your body over time if it is too small. A wetsuit is in fact made of neoprene rubber, which means that the suit will always keep the same shape and hardly adjust itself. Therefore, if you think your current wetsuit is too small, choose one or two sizes bigger.

The main function of a wetsuit is to keeping your body warm by stopping the water circulation. Do you have a suit that is too tight? Then an opening at your back may occur. This will negate the function of the suit, as water can easily enter the suit in this case.

Wetsuit donning: Find the right suit

As you may have heard, it is important that your wetsuit fits properly when you put it on. This is why you have to pay a lot of attention to certain things in order to find a suitable wetsuit. Putting on a wetsuit will then become easier and easier as time goes by, but first we start looking for a suitable wetsuit.

Fit and size

If you take a look in our webshop, you will see that we offer various types of wetsuits from different brands. The fit and sizes can therefore differ per type and brand. It is therefore essential to have a good look at the fit and if necessary also consult the size chart.

Did you get the size chart? Always look at the height and weight of the wetsuit. Next, it is important to also look at the chest size, as this determines whether the wetsuit is too loose or too tight. A chest size that is too narrow can restrict your breathing and movement. This will not benefit your performance in the water.

How should my wetsuit be fitted?

Do you want to put on your wetsuit? Then it is essential that your wetsuit fits properly. You can see a wetsuit as a second skin in the water that protects you from the cold. However, the wetsuit must fit well and not be too tight so that the functions of the suit do not disappear.

So always choose a wetsuit with the right fit and sizeThe wetsuit is designed to protect you and still allow you enough freedom of movement. In this way, you will be able to move through the water better and you will not even notice that you are wearing a wetsuit.

Do you have a fullsuit with long sleeves and legs? Then the sleeves should reach to your wrists and the legs to the top of your ankle bone. In addition, it is good to know that the neoprene of your suit loosens up as soon as you enter the water. The fabric therefore creates a 'memory', so to speak, which allows the wetsuit to fit better over time.

What if I have chosen the wrong size?

Putting on a wetsuit can be a lot more difficult, or even easier, if you have chosen the wrong size. In addition, the wrong size can affect the comfort you experience.

  • Have you chosen to wear nothing underneath your wetsuit? If so, a small wetsuit may rub against your body. It is therefore recommended that you wear undergarments under your wetsuit depending on what you want to do with it. In addition, a too small wetsuit will not only feel uncomfortable, but it will also break down faster. This is because the seams are tight and the neoprene is thinner, which increases the chance of tearing.

On the other hand, you may have chosen a wetsuit which is too large. It is very easy to put on a wetsuit which is too big, but during swimming you will notice that the water leakage system no longer works. Cold water will constantly enter the suit and the warm water will be drained away. You might as well go into the water without a wetsuit.

Are you still looking for a suitable wetsuit in the right size? Have a look in our webshop and find the suit that suits you best. For questions or personal advice, you can always contact our customer service.

What if I fall exactly between two sizes?

Have you looked at the size chart? But have you come to the conclusion that you are just between sizes? Then it is advisable to first look at a wetsuit from a smaller size. other merTake a look. The sizes and fits can vary greatly from brand to brand.

Do you find yourself between two sizes? Then it might be a smart choice to two different sizes can be ordered. Consider the height and weight of the suit and check that the chest dimensions are correct when putting it on.

Select never for a wetsuit that is a little on the generous sideThis is because the suit loosens up a little in the water. It is also a good idea to take weight fluctuations into account if you choose a wetsuit that is reasonably tight. It can be difficult to put on a wetsuit which is too tight if you have a bad shoulder or if you are not very flexible with your upper body.

How should you put on a wetsuit?

Now that you know more about what to look for when choosing a wetsuit, we have come to the most important part: putting on the wetsuit. Putting on a wetsuit for the first time can be quite difficult. However, we have a few handy ways for you to make it easier and quicker.

  1. Go into the water first: To make putting on your wetsuit easier, you can choose to go into the water with your wetsuit on. Then you put the suit on in the water, where the water between the skin and the suit provides less friction. In this way you can put on your wetsuit without any effort;
  2. Put on inside out: An easy way to put on your wetsuit is the 'inside out' way. Put the entire wetsuit on inside out and place one foot in the suit up to your ankle. Then roll the wetsuit up to your torso and repeat this with your other leg. Then follow the same steps for your torso and arms;
  3. Diving clothes as underwearShould most of the ways not help? Then you can choose to put on diving clothes under your wetsuit. This not only makes the wetsuit easier to put on but also gives extra protection against jellyfish and coral for example;
  4. The trick with the plastic bag: Nowadays, the smartest ways to put on your wetsuit are invented. A good example is the plastic bag method. You can use a plastic shopping bag or a sandwich bag for this. Place your foot in the plastic bag and step into the wetsuit. Then take your foot out of the plastic bag and repeat this with your other foot and arms;
  5. Use of lubricant: From now on, there are also different kinds of aids developed, including water-based lubricant. Lubricate the narrowest parts with the lubricant and you will be able to put on the wetsuit effortlessly.

Take off the Wetsuit

Besides putting on a wetsuit, taking it off is just as important. Here we can tell you that it is really about practice a lot. The more often you do it, the easier it becomes. But we can give you some tips to make it easier and faster.

As soon as you come out of the water pull open the zip of the wetsuit and let some water run into the suit. Then you can take off the wetsuit easily and quickly, as there is hardly any friction. First take off your arms and pull the suit down to your waist. Then put your hands on the inside of the suit at your hips and pull them down. Voilà, your wetsuit is off again and ready to be packed.

Buy a Wetsuit at Watersports4fun!

Now that you know more about putting on a wetsuit, you may still be looking for a wetsuit. Take a look in our webshop where you will find different models and types of wetsuits from different brands. Pay attention to the points of interest we have mentioned to prevent you from not putting on the wetsuit at all. A well fitting wetsuit is essential and can prevent many problems.

Have you help Need to choose a suitable wetsuit? Then contact our customer service for personal advice. We are at your service and can be reached by e-mail, telephone and live chat.

Last updated on 07/02/2022

N. de Louw
N. de Louw

Thank you for reading the article I wrote, I hope all your questions have been answered. Do you still have questions? Or did I miss something? Don't hesitate to contact customer service. We will be happy to help you on your way!

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