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wetsuit size chart

It can sometimes be difficult to decide between find the right one for all the different wetsuit sizes. Yet this is very important, because a wetsuit must fit perfectly. Should this not be the case? Then the functions of the wetsuit will be lost or reduced.

The purpose of a wetsuit is to protect you from the cold water so that you can maintain your body temperature. As soon as you put on a If you choose the wrong wetsuit size, you will immediately notice that the suit is not comfortable.. In addition, in some cases it can be at the expense of the longevity of the wetsuit. We are happy to tell you more about it on this page.

Why is the right wetsuit size so important?

The The most important factor in choosing a suitable wetsuit is the size. Have you chosen a suit that is too big or too small? Then you will immediately notice the difference in functionality. For example, it could be that you are less well protected against the cold water or that you have less freedom of movement.

Have you chosen a wetsuit that is too small? Then you will notice this immediately when you put it on. It is difficult to get into and there is a good chance that it will tear somewhere. In addition, the neoprene will stretch more quickly and the material will become thinner over time.. A suit with a thickness of 5 mm can then for example only be 4 mm thick, which means the wetsuit will be less warm. Furthermore, you will immediately experience less freedom of movement which will not benefit your performance.

A wetsuit that is too big is definitely not a good option either, as it creates many gaps through which water can pass. In this case, you are no longer well protected from the cold water and you run the risk of getting hypothermia or cramps (in cold temperatures).

Wetsuit size chart

To give you an indication of the sizes of wetsuits, we have drawn up a table of men's, women's and children's sizes below. This way you can already see for yourself which size would suit you best.

Please note: each brand has its own size specifications and may therefore deviate from the sizes in the tables below. Therefore, always look carefully at the size charts on the pages of a relevant product.

Men's size chart

SizeLength (cm)Weight (kg)Chest size (cm)
XS168 - 17557 - 6486 - 91
S173 - 17861 - 7192 - 96
M176 - 18168 - 7996 - 100
L180 - 18577 - 88100 - 106
XL183 - 18886 - 98106 - 111
2XL186 - 19196 - 105111- 116
3XL189 - 194102 - 112116 - 122

Size chart ladies

SizeLength (cm)Weight (kg)Chest size (cm)
XXS152 - 16040 - 4770 - 75
XS157 - 16445 - 5278 - 83
S161 - 16850 - 5782 - 88
M165 - 17255 - 6586 - 92
L170 - 17662 - 6890 - 96
XL173 - 17864 - 7395 - 100
2XL176 - 18169 - 7798 - 106

Size chart children

SizeLength (cm)Weight (kg)Chest size (cm)
10498 - 11013 - 2055 - 60
116110 - 12217 - 2560 - 65
128122 - 13420 - 3065 - 70
140134 - 14625 - 4070 - 75
152146 - 15830 - 5075 - 80
164158 - 17040 - 6080 - 85

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N. de Louw
N. de Louw

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