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wetsuit repair

Of course you want to prevent a wetsuit repair, but this is not always possible. Sometimes an accident just happens that can't be helped. Suppose you fall off your SUP board in the shallow water and you scrape along the bottom where there are sharp stones. It could just be that a small tear appears in your wetsuit. 

In that case, it is wise to repair it or have it repaired as soon as possible. A repair is much cheaper than buying a new wetsuit.. Therefore, we would like to tell you more about it and give you some tips to prevent damage as much as possible.

How does damage to your wetsuit occur?

There are various ways in which damage can occur to your wetsuit. Usually there is not much you can do about it, as it is often a case of accident. For example, you might accidentally walk past something sharp in your wetsuit. It is then necessary to repair the damage as soon as possible before it gets worse.

In some cases, however, damage may be self-inflicted. For example, your wetsuit may be damaged if you put it in the washing machine or clean it with hot water.. In addition, poor storage can also cause damage to the suit. So always be careful and educate yourself about wetsuit maintenance.

Repairing a wetsuit yourself

It is strongly recommended to Check the suit for damage every time you use a wetsuit. Damages should be taken care of as soon as possible. A big advantage is that you can easily repair most damages yourself. 

Think for example of small tears in your suit that can be closed with special wetsuit glue. You can then use the wetsuit again after half an hour. Below we explain exactly how to repair damage to a wetsuit.

Repair minor damage

Has a small tear appeared in your wetsuit? Then it is important to repair it as soon as possible before the damage gets worse. Follow the steps below if you wish to repair the wetsuit yourself:

  1. Clean and dry the damaged part of your suit before applying the glue;
  2. Make sure the crack is open so that you can glue it more easily;
  3. Apply a thin layer of neoprene adhesive to the edges of the crack, ensuring full coverage;
  4. After 3 minutes, check whether the adhesive feels dry by touching it gently;
  5. Then apply a second (thin) layer of neoprene adhesive;
  6. Wait again until the glue has dried properly;
  7. Now glue the edges of the crack again and press them firmly together;
  8. Now press the torn sides firmly together for another 2 minutes;
  9. Let the wetsuit dry for about 10 minutes and voilà, the tear is sealed!

After the crack has been sealed with the special glue for wetsuits you can go straight back into the water. Be careful though, because the full strength of the adhesive is reached only after 24 hours.

Repair extensive damage

Should there really be a hole in your wetsuit? Fortunately you can repair it yourself. The steps are similar to the repair of small tears, but this time you will also use a neoprene patch (a piece of neoprene to close the hole)

  1. Make sure the damaged part and the patch on the back are clean and dry.
  2. Apply a thin layer of neoprene glue to the edges of the tear and to the back of the patch;
  3. After 3 minutes, check whether the adhesive feels dry by touching it gently;
  4. Then apply a second, thin layer of adhesive;
  5. Wait again until the glue has almost dried;
  6. Glue the edges for the last time and then press them together;
  7. Finally, press the wetsuit and the patch firmly together for two minutes;
  8. Wait 10 minutes and voilà, your wetsuit is repaired again!

Now that you have completed the wetsuit repair, you can use the suit again immediately. Be careful though, as the full strength of the glue is reached after 24 hours.

What should I do if the seams of my wetsuit are torn?

Do you need a wetsuit repair because the seams of your suit are torn? Then it is advisable to have this done by a professional. This is because the seams of a wetsuit are not so easy to repair yourself.

For this you really need Knowledge and experience required. Therefore, always go to a professional garment maker who can repair wetsuits. Do not try to do it yourself as the damage will only get worse and you will be even worse off.

Preventing damage

Prevention is of course better than a cure and that is why we think it is important to give you some tips to prevent damage to your wetsuit. First of all, always ensure that you put on and take off a wetsuit on a soft surface. Do not stand on stones, pebbles or gravel, as the suit is sensitive to these..

When putting on and taking off your wetsuit, also look out for for nails, rings and watches. It would be best, for example, to take off your watch and rings and only put them back on after putting on the wetsuit. What if the neoprene gets stuck behind it? Then the chance of tearing is quite large. You should also watch out with your nails. Therefore, use your fingertips as much as possible and cut your nails if necessary before putting on the wetsuit.

One way to avoid most and worst damage is to clean your wetsuit in the right way. Wetsuits are very sensitive to hot water, soap and sun. So always use cold or lukewarm water and let the suit dry in the shade.

In addition, the use of soap is not recommended, as it does not improve the neoprene. However, it is possible to clean your wetsuit once in a while with a special wetsuit shampoo. This will prevent bad smells from sticking to your suit, which could otherwise be thrown away.

Buy a Wetsuit at Watersports4fun

Don't have a wetsuit yet? Or is your wetsuit in such bad shape that you can't repair it anymore? Then you are at the right place at Watersports4fun. Take a look at our selection of wetsuits and find the model that suits you best. You can choose from various types in different colours, sizes and thicknesses. So there is a wetsuit for everyone that fits him or her.

Do you have any questions about a wetsuit or can't you figure it out yourself? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We will gladly give you personal advice based on your needs to make sure you find the right wetsuit. You can reach us by phone, email or live chat on our website.

Last updated on 07/02/2022

N. de Louw
N. de Louw

Thank you for reading the article I wrote, I hope all your questions have been answered. Do you still have questions? Or did I miss something? Don't hesitate to contact customer service. We will be happy to help you on your way!

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N. de Louw

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