Airbank D7


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Multifunctional electric pumpcompressor for SUPpaddle-boardairbed. Compact, light and easy to carry. For SUPpaddleboards **to 18 PSI = 1.24 BAR !** airbedsdinghiespoolsfuntubesswimming belts etc. Can also be used for vacuuming garment bags and deflating the items inflated with them.

On your way in 5 steps. The Airbank D7 is a functional, portable electric pump/compressor and vacuum bleeder that works on 12V. It is very easy to carry. When deflating your swimming pool, sup or air mattress, the Airbank to get all the air out so that you can easily fold and store the used product again.

  • Size 32 x 22 x 9 cm
  • Weight 1.5 kg

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