Tyre behind boat

Have you always want to sail with a band behind the boat? Then you have come to the right place. With a so-called funtube band, you can have lots of fun on the water during the hot summer days. Taking a boat trip has never been so enjoyable. fun and exciting been.

The boat hind tyres come in different shapes, sizes and colours. We have gathered them together for you below, so all you have to do is find the right rear tyre for your boat.


How do I fasten the tyre behind the boat?

Whether you are a strap behind the speedboat or sloopIt is important that you pay attention to a number of things. The rope, with which you attach the strap to the boat, must meet the right quality requirements. Take a look in our web shop and find a quality cord. funtube rope.

Then attach the rope to the boat's towing post or eye and to the strap behind the boat. Make sure that the rope does not come too close to the boat propeller in order to avoid damage to both the tyre and the engine. Does the rope come too close? Then a bridle may be the perfect solution.

Are there any rules for a band behind the boat?

If you want to sail with a tyre for behind the boat, there are rules for this. For example, the Driver of the boat at least 18 years of age are old and be in possession of a boat licence.

In addition, one person must stay behind on the boat to keep an eye on the band. This person should then at least 15 years old.

With a fast motorboat you will soon be sailing faster than 20 km/h and on the water it feels even faster. Therefore, you are only allowed to sail fast in the indicated speed zones. So pay attention if you put a tyre behind the boat and want to make speed. The fines on the water can quickly amount to over a thousand euros and, of course, nobody wants that.

What do you need to consider?

Besides the fact that there are certain rules for a tyre behind the boat, there are also a number of things to bear in mind. These are mainly safety measures to prevent accidents from happening.

First of all, it is important that you never sit on the band behind the boat with more people than there are seats. You will not be able to hold on to the belt properly and a fall into the water is guaranteed. We can tell you that a fall into the water at high speed is not always a pleasant experience, especially when you cannot sit properly on the tyre.

In addition, we recommend that everyone has a Put on the life jacket If you sit on a tyre in front of the boat. In 9 out of 10 cases, at least one person is the bad guy and most probably falls off the conveyor belt. In that case, you are only too glad that you are wearing a life jacket, because it can take a while for the boat to come and pick you up again.

Want to buy a boat tyre?

Would you like to buy a tyre behind the boat? Then you have come to the right place at Watersports4fun. At the top of this page you can find all our funtube straps in different shapes, styles and sizes. Check out the possibilities and find the model that fits you and your boat.

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