Lifejacket 100N

Looking for a Life jacket with 100N buoyancy? We have already put them together for you. So you can immediately see which lifejackets have a buoyancy of 100N (Newton, upward pressure). This means that you only have to look at the model you like and within minutes you have your hands on a beautiful life jacket.

Take a look at our range of lifejackets with 100N buoyancy below and find the model that meets your needs. Take a good look at the fit and the size, so that the vest actually works as it should.


Why is a good life jacket important?

With a 100N life jacket prevent drowning when you end up in the water as a drowning person. It automatically tilts you onto your back and the large collar keeps your head above water.

This allows you to keep breathing regardless of whether you are conscious or not. However, there are different types of vests available, including automatic lifejackets and solid life vests.

The life jackets in our range are suitable for young and old. For children, we recommend that you always put on a life jacket when you go sailing in deep water or when you go doing any activity on the water. This will ensure the safety of your child and you do not have to worry about them during the activity. Take a look at our range of life jackets for your child.

Lifejackets 100N for adults and children

At the top of this page you will find our wide range of lifejackets with 100N buoyancy. You have a choice of various models for large and small in various sizes, colours and styles. This means that there is a life jacket to suit everyone's needs. We also offer 150N lifejackets on and lifejackets with a buoyancy of 275N.

  • However, it is important to make sure that the vest fits snugly to your body. This ensures that the vest actually does what it is made for.

Do you need some extra help in finding a suitable life jacket? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. You can reach us by email, phone or live chat, and we'll be happy to offer advice and assistance. At Watersports4fun you are guaranteed to find the right lifejacket for you and we can help you find the right one for you. adventures on the water safely.