Automatic life jacket

With a automatic lifejacket guarantee your own safety when sailing on open waters. We do not like to think about it, but there is always a chance that something unexpected will happen while sailing.

As a result, you may find yourself in an emergency situation. In such a situation, you are only too glad that you have a lifejacket on.

Nowadays you have Many different types of life jackets, and one of them is the automatic life jacket. Below, you can already take a look at our range of automatic lifejackets and maybe find one that's right for you.


How does an automatic life jacket work?

The operation of an automatic life jacket is quite simple and easy to understand. There are two different types available, however the function remains the same.

Suppose you are sailing on a boat and something unexpected happens that forces you to jump from the boat into the water. An automatic inflatable life jacket will then inflate when it comes into contact with water.

This eliminates the need to manually pull a cord and your safety in all circumstances. Even if you are unconscious or in shock, as the vest inflates itself.

Why choose an automatically inflatable life jacket?

A life jacket that inflates automatically when it comes into contact with water offers many advantages. Not only in terms of safety, but also in terms of comfort. There are also solid lifejackets that consist of foam. However, this is not very comfortable when you are sailing on a boat.

  • With an automatic life jacket, you don't have to worry about this, as it only inflates when you come into contact with water. If, for some reason, the mechanism does not work, you can always use the automatic lifejacket. manually pull the cord.

What types are there?

When we talk about life jackets, they come in different shapes and sizes. For example, you have a automatic 275N life jacket for the open sea and other lifejackets with 150N of buoyancy for lakes, canals and open waters. For children there are 100N lifejackets developed.

There are also two types of automatic lifejackets. There is no difference in their operation, but the way in which the automatic mechanism is activated.

CO2 cartridge and salt tablet

For example, you have an automatic life jacket with a CO2 cartridge and salt tablet. As soon as the vest comes into contact with water, the salt tablet dissolves. Then the spring ring is released which activates the firing pin to open the CO2 cartridge, and voilà, the vest fills with air.

Hydraulic pressure mechanism

There is also a life jacket that works on a hydraulic pressure mechanism. In this case, the firing pin will only be activated when sufficient pressure is applied.

In most cases, enough pressure is already achieved when the vest is submerged deeper than 10 cm. It is important that you use your Have your lifejacket checked regularlyWant to know more? Then click on the link to read our information guide about it!

Is an automatic life jacket for your child sensible?

In our opinion, it is not wise to provide your child up to the age of 7 with an automatic life jacket. This is because, at this age, it can be difficult to explain how the vest works.

For this reason, a child may panic during an emergency. Of course, we want to prevent this in case of an emergency. Curious about our offer? Then take a look now at all lifejackets for children in the shop.

Curious? Check out the shop!

As soon as you can explain how the life jacket works, it is definitely a good option to buy an automatic life jacket for your child. To do this, take a look at our product range at the top of this page and find a suitable model. And always look out for special offers on automatic lifejackets to take advantage of a great discount.

Do you have questions or need personal advice? Please contact our customer service by calling, emailing or sending a message via the live chat. We are at your service and will gladly help you find a suitable life jacket.