Baby lifejacket

Your baby means everything to you and you want to protect it in every situation. Are you going to take the boat out for a day, for example? Then a baby lifejacket come in handy.

It is important that the vest fits well and is breathable at the same time. This ensures that the baby safety against unforeseen emergencies.

We all assume that nothing serious will happen during the boat trip, but this is never to be underestimated. In addition, we always recommend that you fit small children, including babies, with a good life jacket when you take them on the boat.


Why is a baby life jacket so important?

A life jacket for babies is important, because it allows you to ensure their safety. If something unexpected should happen during a boat trip, your little miracle won't be able to drown.

Lifejackets ensure that you are tilted on your back and your head remains above the water, even if you cannot swimming or become unconscious. This keeps the airways free and allows you to always keep breathing. It is therefore advisable to fit your baby with a life jacket when taking them out on the water. We recommend to opting for a 100N lifejacket.

In doubt as to whether your little one needs a bigger size? Then take a look at our children's lifejackets.

Want to buy a baby lifejacket?

Are you still looking for a suitable baby life jacket? Then take a look at our product range at the top of this page. Here you will find several models available in different sizes, colours and styles. It is also good to pay attention to the buoyancy of the vest in question by taking your baby's weight into account.

Also the fit and size are essential, Since these factors determine whether the life jacket actually works properly. You can easily check this by putting the life jacket on your child and then gently lifting him/her up by the life jacket. If their head does not go through the opening, you know that the life jacket is the right size.

Do you find it difficult to find a suitable life jacket? Then we will be happy to help you. Contact our customer service team who will be happy to provide additional help and advice. You are guaranteed to find the right life jacket for your baby and you can go on a lovely boat trip together.