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Do you want to go for a nice trip on the water? Then a dinghy They come in handy. Rubber boats come in many different shapes, sizes and versions. So it is good to know what the possibilities are in order to select a suitable model based on your wishes.

We have selected all our rubber boats for you and put them together on one page. This way you can see immediately what the possibilities are and you will find in no time a suitable dinghy. Take a look at our wide range!


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Why choose a dinghy?

A dinghy is the most economical way of sailing. Therefore, people often prefer it. With a rubber boat you can literally go in all directions. For example Easy storage of the boatyou take it everywhere and is that Quickly ready to sail to make.

Going to the water on a hot summer day? Then a rubber boat will come in very handy. You unfold the boat, inflate it and then put it in the water.

Should you have a dinghy with outboard motor have it? Then it's just a matter of installing the motor and you're ready to go!

Different types of dinghies

Rubber boats come in various types, sizes, colours and styles. There are, for example, motor-driven boats and boats that require you to paddle in order to move forward.

We would therefore like to briefly explain the advantages and characteristics of the various types of boats.

Rubber boat with paddles

We all know them: the inflatable dinghy with paddles. We often take them along on holiday for the children so that they can enjoy paddling in the water. They are very easy to carry After which you can inflate them quickly and easily on location. Use a dinghy pump that is suitable for your boat.

The rubber boats with paddles are available in different sizes, shapes and styles. It is therefore a good idea to consider in advance what you would like to have on your inflatable boat for and with how many people. On this basis, you can find a suitable boat quickly and easily in our wide range of products.

Rubber boat with motor

A dinghy with an outboard motor is suitable for the more challenging types among us. This way, you can sail leisurely without having to paddle and endlessly enjoy your day on the water.

Did you know that you can also have a dinghy with handlebar can be bought. This will help you stay on course and have a better overview of the water. In addition, you can control the boat better and the driver has a comfortable seat.

The rubber boats with an outboard motor are sturdier and are available with different types of floor. Here it is important to look at the power of the motor to determine how sturdy the floor of the boat must be. Below we will elaborate on the different types of floors for the rubber boat with motor.

Rubber boat floors

Rubber boats with an outboard motor often have a loose floor. In most cases this is an airdeck, or an inflatable floor. The advantages of such a floor are that they inexpensive, lightweight, easy to transport and quick to install are. However, there are also other types of flooring available, including slatted and hardened floors.

A slatted base, like an inflatable base, is a cheap option for a solid floor in the dinghy. Before you inflate the sides of the boat, you put the slatted bottom in. Then you pump up the dinghy and you are ready to go.

You also have the option of choosing a hardened floor. Here you have the choice between materials such as wood, aluminium and glass fibre.

For recreational use, a wooden or aluminium floor is usually chosen, as these types of floors extremely strong are. In some cases, you have to put the floor in yourself before sailing, but there are also boats with a wooden or aluminium floor. In that case, it is a different story with transport.

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