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You regularly see a offer of SUP boards But always pay attention! For example, is an offer too good to be true? Then always look closely at the characteristics of a certain offer. supboard.

In some cases, a cheap board can be of good quality, but this is not always the case. Still looking for an offer? Then take a look at our current offers below!


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What is characteristic of a cheap SUP board?

Do you see a SUP board on sale somewhere? Then pay attention to the characteristics of the specific model. Often we see that cheaper supboards are of lesser quality than the more expensive variants. It is also not uncommon for there to be more SUP maintenance is required of you to keep a cheap board in the right condition.

This is, of course, logical, but in most cases, cheap equals expensive. A cheap supboard is characterised by the following things in particular:

  • The boards are made of a single layer of PVC, which makes them more susceptible to punctures;
  • The finish of the board is often of inferior quality;
  • A cheaper SUP is usually less stiff, which means, among other things, that you have to put in more power to move forward;

These are some examples of features that we often see on the cheaper supboards. Nevertheless, a cheaper supboard can be beginner suppers are a good choice. Check above to see if you can find a suitable board for your needs.

What is characteristic of an expensive SUP board?

Is there an expensive SUP board on sale somewhere? Then this can be a good opportunity to buy a quality board for a little less money.

This is because more expensive SUPs are usually made of good quality materials, which means that they can be used in a wide range of situations. last longer and feel more comfortable. These expensive supboards are often characterised by the following features:

  • There are usually two layers of PVC, which makes them sturdier and less likely to leak;
  • The finish is of high quality and feels comfortable;
  • The stiffness is often better, allowing you to move smoothly across the water;

As you can see, more expensive supboards are often more comfortable and enjoyable to ride. Suppingbut not everyone has a lot of money to spend. Instead of saving on your board, you can also choose to spend a little less on your SUP board accessories. These often make your adventure easier but are not always essential.

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Are you a beginning supporter? Then we understand that you do not immediately choose the most expensive SUP board on the market. Besides, inflatable boards are often better suited for beginners and they are relatively cheap as well.

Therefore, should there be, for example, a inflatable SUP board are on sale? Then you can be a great opportunity To buy a reasonably cheap, but high quality board. Look above and see which supboards are currently on sale and find the best deal!