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SUP board accessories can help you SUP trip a lot more comfortable and easy. Think of waterproof bags, paddle floats or an electric pump for your SUP.

With this useful accessories You can make sure that you can get on the water faster and that you can stay on the water longer as well. From now on, you can take food and drinks with you in your waterproof bag and you can leave the paddle floating next to your SUP while you eat. Do you want to know more about the different SUP accessories? Then feel free to read along with us.


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Useful SUP accessories

In addition to being a paddle for supping There are also several SUP accessories that can make the trip more comfortable. To give you a better overview of the different accessories, we have listed a few below:

  • Dry Bag: A drybag is a waterproof bag that you can take with you on your SUP board to carry food and drinks, for example;
  • Electric SUP PumpDon't feel like inflating your SUP manually? Then choose the electric pump to inflate your SUP in no time;
  • Paddle Driver: A paddle float is ideal in combination with a dry bag. This way, you can enjoy a snack and a drink on the water, while the paddle floats next to you;
  • Kayak Chair: The kayak chair is useful for people who want to convert their SUP into a kayak/canoe. The SUP is therefore ideal to use for fishing;
  • Key Safe: When you go supping you don't want to take your car and/or house keys with you on the water. In that case, a key safe can be the perfect solution, with which you can store your keys in a small safe;

These are some of the accessories that will make your surfing easier and more comfortable. Need some help choosing the right products for your adventure? Contact our customer service team for sound advice.

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