SUP paddle

A SUP paddle, or SUP paddle is essential for supping. This is to propel yourself across the water. However, there are many different types of paddles available.

Therefore, it is important that you find one that suits you. The paddle should match your weight and, of course, your height. This way, you will ensure that you comfortable You will not suffer from a crooked back.


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On this page we would like to tell you more about the SUP paddle and what to look out for when buying it. The correct posture in combination with the right material ensures that you do not suffer from nagging pains.

If, after reading this, you still have some questions or would like some personal advice before purchasing a SUP board? We would like to help you, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

SUP paddle available in different materials

Paddles for the Supping are, as we have already mentioned, available in different kinds of materials. The choice of material depends entirely on your needs as a supper.

For example, a Aluminium paddle usually sufficient for a beginning supporter. These paddles are made of high quality material and feel very light in the hand. However, if you are already a bit further in the paddling? Then a Carbon fibre SUP paddle are more convenient.

Of course, these carbon paddles are a lot more expensive than aluminium paddles. That is why we only recommend this paddle to experienced paddlers who want to go one step further.

Adjustable paddles

Every now and then we get the question: 'is a SUP paddle adjustable? Yes, there are several paddles for supping that you can adjust. This is useful if you do not know exactly what size you need or if you sometimes want to paddle on your knees.

It can also be useful if you buy a board and paddle together with someone, but you are both different in height.

In this case, an adjustable paddle can help so that both people can use the same paddle.

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