Fanatic SUP board

Are you looking for a quality SUP board? Then a Fanatic SUP are the ideal choice for you. All boards of this brand comply with the highest quality requirementsand all that for a reasonable price. In addition, some models are delivered with complete accessory set, including paddle. Check out our wide range and find the Fanatic SUP board that meets your needs.


About Fanatic

The Fanatic brand was founded in 1981 and was mainly focused on the target group windsurfers. However, over the years they have also become a major player in the field of SUP boards. Thus, they developed a wide collection of quality boards and paddles for every kind of surfer. Whether you like to float around on the water or just want to cover long distances, Fanatic's SUP boards can do it all!

Why choose a SUP board from Fanatic?

A SUP from Fanatic offers a lot of advantages. The boards are equipped with the latest technologies in the field of SUP boards. This ensures that all models are of high quality and offer great performance.

In addition, a distinction is made between Different types of SUP boardsincluding all-round, touring, racing and windsurfing boards. This means that there is a suitable board for everyone with which they can experience their new SUP adventures. Are you still looking for a suitable board? Then take a look at our wide range now.

Different types of SUP boards

If you know anything about SUP boards, you know that there are various types. Think of all-round, touring, or race SUP's. However, Fanatic has also introduced a new kind of board to the market, namely the Fanatic windsurf SUP boards. These specific models can be used for both surfing and windsurfing, which is unique.

Because the brand originally started as Fanatic Windsurfing, they decided to release this unique model. So, are you a fan of windsurfing, but do you also want to be able to go on a relaxed SUP every now and then? Then such a model is ideal for you.

However, should you be looking for an all-round, touring or racing SUP? Then you can always choose one of the other models. Whatever you are looking for, At Watersports4fun you are at the right place for all your SUP products.

What are the most important properties?

The Fanatic SUP boards stand out from other brands in certain areas. We are talking about the Properties of the boards. For example, all boards are equipped with the latest technologies and made of high quality materials.

By the term 'technologies' we mean the way the Fanatic boards are constructed. The new models are based on the Drop Stitch Light technology made. As a result, there is less material used, making the boards be lighterwhile there is a higher stiffness is achieved. The use of such technologies improves performance, increases durability and extends service life.

In addition, Fanatic's SUP boards are equipped with a diamond engraved foot deck which ensures extra grip. This is very useful for beginners who still need to master the technique of paddling.

In addition, you can also easy to carry luggage on the board thanks to the handy luggage net. Basically, everything has been thought of and you will be amazed by the qualities the boards have to offer

What models of Fanatic boards are available?

The Fanatic 2021 models are already out the door and will make way for the new 2022 models. In our webshop you will find a wide range of Fanatic SUP's for various purposes.

Are you a fanatical supporter and do you like to cover long distances? Then a touring SUP board It suits you perfectly. However, if you are not a fanatic and prefer to relax and float around on your board? Then choose a all-round SUP. Below you can see which models of Fanatic are offered in our shop.

Want to buy Fanatic SUP?

Would you like a Buy Fanatic SUP? Then you have come to the right place. As you can see, we offer a wide range of various Fanatic SUP's They are suitable for various purposes. This gives you a wide choice and you are guaranteed to find a board that meets your personal requirements.

Do you find it difficult to choose a suitable board? Please contact our customer service by calling, emailing or sending a message via the live chat. We are here for you and will gladly help you find the most suitable SUP board for your situation..