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Looking for a suitable Mistral SUP board for your SUP adventure? Then you have come to the right place at Watersports4fun. When the warm summer days arrive, it is always nice to spend a day on the water. And what could be more fun than going supping with friends or family? This activity is more popular every year and we are therefore seeing more and more people wanting to give it a try.

Mistral's SUP boards range in a price range from €600 to €750, making them good value for money. Most boards can be used all-round, but the brand also has special race SUP boards for racing. Any questions? Our customer service is at your service. Check out the range of Mistral SUP boards below!


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Buy Mistral SUP board

Buying a Mistral SUP board is a good choice. The boards are widely applicable for different purposes. Long trips on the water or a quiet activity with balance, it's all possible.

A SUP board from Mistral is always a good choice. It is a high-quality brand which works with sturdy materials. Decided to buy a Mistral SUP board but still some uncertainties? Don't hesitate to contact us via live chat, phone or email.

In our webshop, we therefore offer several models from this brand and you will also find related accessories that make the adventure even more comfortable.

Why choose a Mistral SUP board?

It can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable SUP board. However, with a Mistral SUP you are always on the right track. They offer various designs that differ not only in price, but also in quality and purpose.

There are special Mistral SUP boards for yoga, fitness, windsurfing and much more. There is also a wide collection of paddles and accessories are available to make your trip even more comfortable.

One of the main reasons why you might want to choose a Mistral SUP board is the quality and design. The boards are specifically designed for comfortable use on flat water. Supping and stable enough to ride the waves.

So with a Mistral SUP board you can do anything and you can be sure that there is a suitable version for everyone that meets his or her needs.

mistral emotion 14'0 version

The different versions of Mistral

As you may already have heard, there are several Mistral SUP boards available for different purposes. Do you want to SUP yoga practising? If so, special SUP boards are available for this purpose.

These tend to be slightly wider boards, giving you more stability on the water. Below, we have listed the available boards:

There are also special versions for children and beginner suppers. These are often more affordable, but still meet high quality standards.

Quality is a priority for Mistral and a lot of attention is paid to this. What exactly is your goal or budget? A Mistral SUP board is always the right choice.

Mistral SUP boards at Watersports4fun

If you have already had a look in our webshop, you probably have noticed that we offer many different Mistral SUP boards. Next to that we have a wide range of paddles, SUP pump and accessories of this well-known water sports brand.

This way you can succeed in one go for all your SUP articles and you are assured of high quality. In addition, some SUP boards already come with a paddle and carrying bag as standard, but this is not the case with every board.

Therefore, it might be smart to also take a look at Mistral's paddles and accessories. This way, you can be sure that a complete Mistral set is within your budget.

Do you have any questions about the products of this high-quality brand? Our customer service team is ready to answer all your questions.

Official Mistral dealer

When purchasing a Mistral SUP board from an official Mistral dealer, you will receive a 1-year warranty as standard. This is also the case at Watersports4fun.

Still have questions about the brand and its products? Our customer service team can tell you more so you can be sure of a Mistral SUP board that suits your needs.

For example, there are Mistral SUP boards specially made for competitions, but the majority opt for the all-round and touring models. Don't hesitate and get advice.

Frequently asked questions

On average, a Mistral SUP board costs €650. The cheapest variant is available for €599 and the most exclusive one costs €799. With these prices, Mistral falls in the mid-high segment in terms of price range. The brand has a good price-quality ratio but after looking at brands like Aqua Marina, MOAI and Jobe, you might think differently.

The Mistral Coral 10'5, Mistral La Bamba 10'5 and Mistral Pampero 11'5 are currently Mistral's most popular models. They range in price range from €650 to €750. These boards rarely come back and receive rave feedback about these popular Mistral models.

The standard warranty with the purchase of a Mistral SUP board is 1 year. As with many other brands, you can claim within this period in case of any damage.

Author: Nicole Staartjens - <span style="color: #0090E4;">Watersports product expert</span>
Author: Nicole Staartjens - Watersports product expert

Nicole Staartjens is a Experienced water sports equipment expert, with a specialisation in SUP boards. She worked as a product developer for renowned water sports brands in the Netherlands before joining Watersports4fun added as a product expert.

With her keen eye for the latest trends and developments in the market, Nicole is always on top of the latest technologies and materials used in the production of water sports equipment.

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