Inflatable SUP

What is a inflatable SUP board and what should you know about it? Suppen is a sport that has become very popular in the Netherlands in recent years. You see more and more people on rivers, lakes, ponds and in the sea with a SUP board. However, not every SUP board is the same, as they come in different shapes and sizes.


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On this page we will discuss inflatable SUPs in more detail, as these boards are often used and also many benefits offer. Please read on if you would like to learn more about the advantages of an inflatable. SUPboard.

Why choose an inflatable SUP?

Are you a novice supper? Then it is wise to first read up on the different SUP boards on the market. SUP boards are available in in various types and sizes which differ in their characteristics.

Are you looking for a relaxing board? Then it is best to choose a longer and wider boardwhich gives you more stability.

Besides that, an inflatable SUP board can also offer a lot of advantages for beginning SUPers. Of course, most advantages also apply to experienced surfers and that is why we will discuss them in more detail below.

What are the benefits?

Before you buy an inflatable SUP board, it is of course useful to know what the advantages are. To make it as easy as possible for you, we have the key benefits so that you can immediately see why it might be a wise choice:

  • An inflatable board is easier to transportbecause you can roll it up and put it in a bag;
  • They are generally cheaper than other types of SUP boards;
  • Very light weightso you can easily carry them under your arm;
  • Can be reasonable good to withstand a beatingbecause the board bounces off when hit;
  • Although the board is inflated, the technology behind it ensures that the SUP enormously strong is;
  • Feels more comfortable on your feet than a hard board.

Inflatable SUP maintenance

An inflatable SUP board is very strong and will last a long time, provided of course that you use it. good maintenance. Minor damage to the board can cause you to experience problems on the next trip.

For example, small cracks in a burning sun can quickly become larger because the air in the board expands. Therefore, make sure that you maintain your inflatable SUP properly, both during and after use.

Find out all about SUP board maintenance? Click on the link and be informed about the most important actions and points of attention.

Maintenance during operation:

  • It is advisable to always carry the board in its bag. This prevents possible damage caused by walking past something sharp, for example;
  • Is the sun strong and is it very hot? Then make sure not to use the board too long in the burning sun;
  • Do not pump the board full on a summer day, so that you leave some room for the air to expand.

Maintenance after use:

  • Make sure that all air is completely out of the board before storing it;
  • Allow the board to dry thoroughly before deflating it and do so again once the air has been released;
  • When deflating the board, it is important to press the valve firmly. This way the air escapes better and both the board and the valve will last longer.

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