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Are you looking for a Race SUP board for SUP racing? Then look no further! A racing SUP is the most ideal board to reach high speeds on the water. These are also the only boards which can be used to participate in a race. SUP race. These races are often held in certain unit classes where the length of the SUP is taken into account.

The most popular sizes in this case are 12.6″ and 14.0″.. The highest speeds are achieved in the 14.0″ category, but this is not the class in which most competitions are held. That's because the standard class is 12.6″. So keep this in mind when making the right choice for a new race SUP board.


What is a racing SUP board?

With a racing SUP board you can reaching record speeds on the water. Thanks to the length and width of the board, it cuts through the water, as it were. There is hardly any resistance from the water, allowing you to achieve high speeds effortlessly. In addition, you can stay on one side of the board for a long time without turning too far. This means you lose less time, which is essential during a race.

A racing SUP is not only available in different lengths, but also in different widths. A narrow race SUP is logically faster than a wide SUP.. But do not forget that a narrow board can be a disadvantage in a long-distance race or in rough conditions. A narrow board is less stable than a wide board.

The main features of a racing SUP board

You may already have heard that a racing SUP is longer and narrower than other types. But how do these dimensions result in practice and which other characteristics have an even greater influence on the board? Let's have a look at the characteristics of this type of board:

  • Often made of light materials;
  • Longer and narrower than most other types;
  • Less stability;
  • Pointed finish to get you up to speed quickly.

What are the benefits?

Apart from its features, this type of board also offers many advantages. Especially when it comes to race SUP. So let's have a look together at the advantages of a race SUP board:

  • Achieve high speeds effortlessly;
  • Possible to paddle on one side of the board for a long time;
  • Available in hardboard variant and inflatable variant;
  • Easy to carry thanks to its low weight;
  • The board cuts through the water, as it were.

Buy your racing SUP board at Watersports4fun

Would you like to participate in SUP racing? Then a racing SUP board is a must. With this type of board you can achieve high speeds thanks to the length, width and shape of the board.. As a result, you experience less resistance from the water and glide through it better. Unnecessary loss of time is also a thing of the past, as you can paddle for a longer time on one side of the board without swinging off.

Are you buying your racing SUP at Watersports4fun? Then you have a wide choice from our wide assortment. Furthermore, you can count on 30 days of reflection. Should your board or other SUP accessories Not to your liking? Then you can return them free of charge within 30 days. Furthermore, all orders above € 100 are delivered free of charge and you will receive your new board within a few days.

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Author: Nicole Staartjens - <span style="color: #0090E4;">Watersports product expert</span>
Author: Nicole Staartjens - Watersports product expert

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