SUP clothing

Are you still looking for appropriate SUP clothing Then you are at the right address at Watersports4fun. Every sport has its own kind of clothing and that's no different for paddling. For example, the clothing for specially designed on the movements that you make when you are paddling.

In addition, the clothing is of course adapted to different weather conditions. Furthermore, there is both SUP clothing for women We would like to tell you more about the different types of SUP clothing.


Find a suitable outfit

If you want to go on a supper trip, it is useful if you have The right SUP clothing. This clothing ensures the freedom of movement that is necessary for your SUP adventure.

In addition, there is a difference in clothing for hot and cold days. This is logical, of course, as winter clothing should keep you warm, while summer clothing serves the opposite function.

For this reason, SUP clothing can be made of different materials, but which kind you need depends entirely on where and when you want to go Supping.

Take for example a Suppak made of lycra. This is ideal for summer surfing as the fabric is quite thin and they often come with short sleeves.

There are also suits that are specially designed for cold days in winter. Here you can think of a Suppak which is made of neoprene. This fabric is slightly thicker and protects your body from the cold water. This means that you can also go surfing in the winter.

Want to relax even more during your adventure? Take a look at all the SUP accessoriesyou will be amazed at what is possible.

Special SUP clothing for the winter

As you may already have heard, there is special SUP clothing available for the winter. In The Netherlands is therefore often faced with cold waters And as a supper, you don't want to get into this too often.

However, it can happen that you go into the water and you want to be well protected against hypothermia. That is why it is important to get the right clothes when you go surfing in the winter.

For this you might want to look at a wetsuit which is specially designed for supping. With this wetsuit you guarantee the freedom of movement you need for surfing and makes sure your body stays at the right temperature.

This prevents hypothermia and makes it less of a problem if you fall into the cold water. In addition, there are various thermo jackets, trousers and the like, with which you can protect yourself even better against the cold. We always recommend that you use SUP clothing in which you feel safe and comfortable.

Buy SUP clothing for men and women

Also when it comes to supping, a distinction is made between SUP clothing for men and ladies. This means that everyone can individually select clothing to suit their own taste. However, it is important that you choose the clothes in which you feel comfortable and safe when you go on the water.

Therefore, have a look at the products above where we offer various types of clothing and accessories to make your SUP adventure complete.

You can also look directly for new subboardsYou will also need to have a set of paddles and other items that will come in handy. This way you can be sure that your SUP equipment is complete and that you can get on the water as soon as possible. We wish you a lot of fun with your SUP!