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A surf SUP board is a specific type of SUP board specifically designed for SUPPING ON WILD WATERS. Think of waters like the sea or a river with a strong current. Such a type of paddle board is therefore extra wide, giving you more stability and less notice of the waves.

Surfing on your SUP can be incredibly fun, because you can catch waves and have adventures on the water. So you don't have to paddle a surf SUP board only on calm waters, quite the contrary.

However, to avoid falling off your surf supboard on the water you do need a bit more skill and balance, making it unsuitable for beginners without first practising on calm water.


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SUP surfing is a variant of Supping which is usually practised by experienced surfers. Just like surfing, you search for waves and then let yourself be carried along by them.

The advantage of surfing on a Stand Up Paddle Board is that you more overview have, Easier to paddle to the wave and more agile.

We would therefore like to tell you a bit more about what to look out for when finding a suitable SUP surfboard.

Difference between an all-round SUP board and surf SUP board

While all-around and touring SUP boards focus on providing plenty of balance, the main feature of surf SUP boards is manoeuvrability. This allows you to better adapt changing waves and rougher water.

Other distinctive specifications of surf SUP boards is that they are smaller, which improves manoeuvrability. This manoeuvrability makes it easier to cut through waves.

When buying a surf supboard, it is wise to keep the term manoeuvrability in mind.

Hard or inflatable Surf Supboard?

If you are looking for a surf SUP board, one of the most important choices you have to make is whether to go for a hard or inflatable board. Both options have advantages and disadvantages and it is important to weigh them up before making a decision.

In brief:

  • If you compare hard SUP boards to inflatable SUP boards, one disadvantage of hard boards is that they cannot be rolled up, making storage and transport difficult.
  • However, hard SUP boards are thinner and more suitable for carving waves.
  • Compared to hard boards, inflatable SUP boards are thicker when inflated, meaning they can generally support more weight.

Hard surf SUP board

First, of course, ask yourself whether you would rather have a SUP board inflatable or hard surf Supboard wants to buy. In fact, in different situations, a particular board may be more convenient.

Do you live close to the sea, for example? Then a hard board can be very useful because you can put it in the water right away. But in many cases, most people do not live close to the beach.

Inflatable surf SUP board

Do you live a little further from the sea? Then an inflatable board more convenience deliver. For example, it is easier to transport an inflatable board because you can roll it up.

You then pump up the board on the spot, after which you can lay it down in the water. It is advisable to look for a electric SUP pump.

Surf SUP board suitable for surfing?

When you go surfing on a SUP board, it is important to have a deck pad suitable for the sport. This is because the deck of a surf SUP board gets wet every time you hit the water, which is not always the case when paddle boarding over still water.

surf sup board

Deck pad

This makes a good grip all over the board crucial to resist sudden movements that can be caused by waves. It is therefore essential that the deck pad of your surf SUP board provides the necessary grip.

But how do you determine if the deck pad of your SUP board is suitable for surfing? First, you need to make sure the pad has a good texture and firm grip.

This will help you keep your feet firmly on the board and prevent you from slipping while paddling and surfing. A deck pad that does not provide enough grip can put you at risk and ruin your surfing experience.


Another important aspect of the board is a kickpad. This is a raised piece of deck pad, usually near the stern of the board, that you need to turn quickly and pivot When the wave comes.

It helps you shift your weight to the back of the board quickly, making it easy to manoeuvre the board and adjust to the direction of the wave.

By leaning back and applying pressure on your back leg, you can have a firm stance and catch waves easily.

Surf SUP boards advantages

Special surf Supboards have been developed for a reason. For instance, these types of boards are often short and wide, giving you more stability and manoeuvrability. This also makes the board better resistance to waves and you can go sea-surfing with it more easily.

Moreover, there are even more benefits to a SUP surfboard, and to make it easy for you, we have listed them for you below:

  • The boards are resistant to powerful waves (at sea);
  • A surf SUP board is extra wide;
  • You experience more stability on the board due to its size;
  • The board is suitable for surfing as well as for supping (and a combination of these).

Curious about the current SUP board offers? Take a look and take advantage.

Buy Surf Supboard

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Frequently asked questions

Stand-up paddle surfing can be an exhilarating experience, where you can ride waves and have adventures on the water. Unlike paddling on still water, you need regular practice and training to master surfing on SUP boards. It also requires some skill and balance to stay on the board and be able to cut through the waves, so it is advisable to start on calmer water before taking on the challenge on the waves.

The cost of a surf SUP board varies depending on the brand, size, quality and type of board you want to buy. In general, you can buy a new surf SUP board for between €500 and €2000, depending on the factors mentioned. There are also second-hand surf SUP boards available, which are often cheaper than new ones.

In principle, you can surf supp in many places, but it is important to know that there are often local rules and regulations you need to abide by. For example, some areas have designated specific zones where you are allowed to surf and others where you are not. It is therefore wise to consult local rules and regulations prior to surf supping.

It is also important to take safety measures, such as wearing a leash and being mindful of other users of the water, such as swimmers and other water sports enthusiasts.

Author: Nicole Staartjens - <span style="color: #0090E4;">Watersports product expert</span>
Author: Nicole Staartjens - Watersports product expert

Nicole Staartjens is a Experienced water sports equipment expert, with a specialisation in SUP boards. She worked as a product developer for renowned water sports brands in the Netherlands before joining Watersports4fun added as a product expert.

With her keen eye for the latest trends and developments in the market, Nicole is always on top of the latest technologies and materials used in the production of water sports equipment.

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