Surf SUP Board

A Surf Supboard is a specific type of SUP board that has been specially developed for SUPPING ON WILD WATERS. You can think of waters like the sea or a river with a strong current. This type of paddle board is extra wide, so that you have more stability and are less affected by the waves.


SUP surfing is a variant of Supping which is usually practised by experienced surfers. Just like surfing, you search for waves and then let yourself be carried along by them.

The advantage of surfing on a Stand Up Paddle Board is that you more overview have and you Easier to paddle to the wave. Therefore, we would like to tell you a bit more about what you should look for when looking for a suitable SUP Surfboard.

Hard or inflatable Surf Supboard?

First, of course, ask yourself whether you would rather have a SUP board inflatable or hard Surf Supboard. In different situations a certain board can be more convenient.

Do you live close to the sea, for example? Then a hard board can be very useful because you can put it in the water right away. But in many cases, most people do not live close to the beach.

Do you live a little further from the sea? Then an inflatable board more convenience deliver. For example, it is easier to transport an inflatable board because you can roll it up.

You then pump up the board on the spot, after which you can lay it down in the water. It is advisable to look for a electric SUP pump. Above we have put together all suitable boards for surfing.

What are the benefits?

Special Surf Supboards have been developed for a reason. These types of boards are often short and wide, which gives you more stability. Because of this, the board is also better resistance to waves and you can go sea-surfing with it more easily.

Moreover, there are even more advantages to having a SUP Surfboard, and to make it easier for you, we have listed them below:

  • The boards are resistant to powerful waves (at sea);
  • A Surf SUP board is extra wide;
  • You experience more stability on the board due to its size;
  • The board is suitable for surfing as well as for supping (and a combination of these).

Curious about the current SUP board offers? Take a look and take advantage.

Buy Surf Supboard

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