Pedal boats

You name it and it exists today. By the word pedalo Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a boat (with a slide) that you rent on holiday. But nowadays there are also whole Other types of pedal boats.

It is a kind of Surf/SUP board or two inflatable floats on which a bicycle frame is mounted. You can sit down comfortably and use the pedals to move forward.

The pedals are connected to a boat propeller that is attached to the bottom. So it is again a whole new form of sport which is likely to become very popular. In addition to the version described above, there are now also more developed modelssuch as the water bikes from Redshark.


Different types of pedal boats

Of course, we all know the pedal boat that we rented on holiday. Pedalling and enjoying the beautiful weather and stopping now and then to go down the slide.

However, nowadays there are also other types of water bikes. We don't see them very often these days, but they are certainly fun to try out. We would like to briefly discuss the different types with you below:

Waterbike SUP

At present, the most popular variant the SUP waterbike. This is basically a SUP board that has been converted to a board with a bicycle frame mounted on it. Pedalling will take you forward, as the pedals are connected to the boat propeller at the bottom of the board.

As soon as you start pedalling, the propeller starts spinning, allowing you to pick up speed. Moreover, the most models inflatablewhich also makes them easy to take with you.

Electric pedal boat

The electric pedal boat is at the moment perhaps want The most innovative and exclusive variant among water bikes. We can therefore distinguish between two different types. There are large water bikes (which we all know) and water bikes for individual use, but then electric.

The electric water bike for individual use is similar to the SUP bike, only this type is electric. You are thus supported by an electric motorwhich means that you need to use less force to move forward.

In addition, there are also the large electric pedal boats, which can be linked back to the pedal boats that we sometimes rent on holiday. However, these have also been further developed, so that they are now also available in electric versions.

Do-it-yourself pedal boat

Would you like to get to know the new form of pedal boats? But don't want to spend a lot of money on it right away? Then dhe do-it-yourself variant is a good solution. You can even use your own bike to ride on the water.

The do-it-yourself water bike basically consists of a set of two inflatable floats, a frame, boat propeller and a few other parts. With these you can build your Mount your own bike to the inflatable floats, after which you can sail over the water with it.

Even though this variant is seen as a cheap alternative, you still pay over €1,000 for it. Perhaps a other model than more challenging and more interesting to purchase.

Buying or renting a pedalo?

Not sure yet if this fun water activity is for you? Then it might be a bit on the expensive side to buy a water bike. A number of options in this case are: buying a cheap water bike or renting one from a rental company.

This way, you don't have to spend too much money to get to know them. special form of water sports.

Pedal boats for sale at Watersports4fun

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In addition, it may also be wise to look at some useful accessories for during the activities. For example wetsuits, dry bags and much more.

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