Water shoes

Looking for sturdy water shoes for your activities in or near the water? Look no further, because you've landed on the right page. Swimming shoes protect your feet from the rough sea floor or a rough bottom in the swimming pool. No more sharp objects poking into your feet.

In our range, you will find swimming shoes for different purposes. Whether you want to go for a walk along the water's edge or use the shoes for extra grip while supping, we have what you are looking for. Take a look at the range below and order your water shoes directly online.


What can you use water shoes for?

Water shoes, also called swimming shoes, can be used for various activities. You can use them both in the pool and in the sea to protect your feet from the rough ground.

You can also use them when you go surfing, supping or sailing in a dinghy. The shoes offer extra grip, which reduces the chance of you ending up in the water during your activity.

Swimming shoes for adults and children

Looking for water shoes for adults or children? We have different types in our range. Whether you are looking for closed water shoes for swimming or trendy water shoes that you only wear while surfing, you will find a suitable pair in our shop. We also recommend the use of swimming shoes when you want to brave the rocks. They protect your feet and you have more grip than bare feet, so ideal!

What material are water shoes made of?

Water shoes are, in most cases, made of a combination of rubber and neoprene. Together, these materials ensure that the shoes dry quickly and are comfortable on the feet. In addition, the soles are often made of rubber, which gives you more grip during activities in or on the water.

Buy water shoes at Watersports4fun

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