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For the best water sports performance, you need a high quality men's wetsuit needed. Good news: at Watersports4fun you've come to the right place. Whether you are looking for a wetsuit for kitesurfing, wakeboarding or your other favourite watersport, we are here to help! Browse through our wide selection and read the tips at the bottom of this page to make sure you choose a high quality wetsuit.

In our offer you will find men's wetsuits of different types and thicknesses, so there is always a model that fits your situation. Not quite sure what to choose? Then you can always contact our specialised customer service team for personal advice.. We are happy to help!


Why a wetsuit?

A wetsuit ensures that sports in the water remain fun, as it keeps your body warm. It is easier to brave the cold weather, water or strong winds and just enjoy the sport.. A wetsuit prevents hypothermia, which is especially important when you stay in the water for a long time.

Important for a good wetsuit men's model is that it fits the body well, but at the same time is flexible and allows freedom of movement. The wetsuit men is specially designed for the body of men. The men's wetsuit has a different fit: men have more room for broad shoulders, women have more room around the chest. We therefore recommend that you choose a wetsuit that suits your gender, as the suit is then more likely to fit you.

Which type of wetsuit is suitable for men?

The classic wetsuit covers the whole body and therefore has long sleeves and trouser legs. This is also called a full body suit. Did you know that besides the full body suit, there are many other types of men's wetsuits?

  • The different types differ in which temperature they are best worn: Some suits retain more heat than others.

The freedom of movement also differs per model, please take this into account. We have listed the most common types for you, in order from the warmest water temperature to the coldest water temperature:


The shorty is the men's wetsuit that you get at the warmest temperatures. The model has short trouser legs and short (or sometimes no) sleeves. This type of men's wetsuit is suitable when you go into the water in summer or in warm temperatures.

Tropical warm Water with temperatures around or above 22ºC The shorty is the perfect way to face the challenges of surfing or snorkelling on holiday.

Short arm model

When temperatures exceed 18ºC, you can choose a short-arm model. Here your entire legs are covered, but you have short sleeves or sometimes no sleeves at all. This gives you very much freedom of movement at the arms and can therefore be very suitable for windsurfing, for example.

Overknee model

For the average temperatures of 18ºC You can also choose an overknee model, where your legs are only covered up to just over your knee.

This suit does have long sleeves which completely cover your arms. This suit gives more freedom of movement to your legs and can therefore be ideal for wakeboarding or surfing.

Full body suit

When the temperature drops a little further (around 14ºC), a full body suit is usually very suitable. The warmth is well retained within the suit and you have quite a lot of freedom of movement.

You can also use the full body suit in slightly colder or slightly warmer temperatures, it is therefore the type of men's wetsuit that you in most temperatures.


The steamer is similar to a full body suit in that your arms and legs are completely covered. The difference is that the seams of the wetsuit are taped or glued shut, so less water gets into your wetsuit.

This is good because a continuous stream of cold water passes through your suit, which can really cool your body off. Steamers are also lined with thermo material on the inside. The steamer is warmer than a full body suit, and therefore also suitable for colder temperatures (above 8ºC).

Dry suit

The warmest option is a drysuit. This drysuit lets almost no water in, which keeps your body warm. You can use this suit at water temperatures above 2ºC. This means that you can even do sports in the water in winter (depending on the weather conditions), without getting hypothermia. Ideal!

Thickness of your wetsuit in men's model

So the type of wetsuit has an influence on how warm you stay when wearing it. However, another component has the most influence on how warm you stay: the thickness of the suit. Wetsuits are made of neoprene, a kind of rubbery fabric that is ideal for use in the water.

The thickness of your suit will be always indicated in millimetresThis is usually done in the following way: 3/2. This number means that the neoprene around your back and stomach is 3 millimetres thick, while the material around your arms and legs is 2 millimetres.

The neoprene is therefore often thinner around your arms and legs, so that you can move them more flexibly. So choose a thickness for your men's wetsuit that suits when you are going to use it.

Wetsuits for men are available in the following thicknesses:

Suitable for the following water temperatures:Thickness of the wetsuit in men's model:Suggested model wetsuit men:
> 22ºC (Tropical warm temperature)3/2, 2/2 or 2/1Shorty
> 18ºC (warm temperature)3/2Full bodysuit, overknee or short arm
> 14ºC (mild temperature)5/3 or 4/3Full bodysuit
> 8ºC (cold temperature)5/4 or 5/3Steamer, full body suit
> 2ºC (freezing cold temperature)6/4 or 5/5 or 5/4Drysuit, steamer

In our men's wetsuit selection you will find wetsuits of different models, with different thicknesses of neoprene. It is wise to always check if the proposed model has the right thickness per temperature above, because this can still vary.

Flexibility and freedom of movement

The flexibility of your wetsuit is very important, especially if you enjoy extreme or very physical water sports, such as surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding or paddle boarding.

  • Most men's wetsuits have thinner material around the legs and arms to improve flexibility. Thicker suits can also be a bit stiffer. The model also plays a role in the flexibility, suits that cover your whole body often give less freedom of movement than for example a shorty.

Nevertheless, steamers and drysuits can also be very flexible. This is because the suits are suitable for winter temperatures and are therefore made from the best materials. This means that they are also made of the best neoprene is made, which is very flexible. So you don't have to sacrifice freedom of movement for a warmer body temperature!

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