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All-round SUP board

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Looking for an all-round SUP board to enjoy paddling on the water? Stand Up Paddling is a water sport that continues to grow in popularity every year. That is why more and more people are going to try it.

As you have stood on a SUP more often and you have found out that it is really something for you, you can proceed to purchase your own board. If you are mainly going to use the board in a recreational way, an all-round SUP board is always a good choice .

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What is an all-around SUP board?

When looking for a SUP board, you will soon be faced with different types. For example, there are special SUPs for, long distances, races and even for special activities, such as fishing. However, are these activities not up your alley? And do you want to go paddling just for fun? Then an all-around SUP board may be the answer.

In fact, these models are An intermediate form of a wave SUP and a touring SUP. For example, an all-round SUP is generally a bit longer, which allows you to glide through the water better. The only difference with a tour SUP is that the all-round SUP features a rounded nose instead of a pointed nose. This allows you to experience better maneuverability.

What can you use an all-around SUP for?

An all-around SUP board you can Use for different activities. Just keep in mind that some all-round boards lean more towards a wave SUP, while others are more like a tour SUP. Depending on your choice, you can practice certain activities with your board.

Do you choose an all-round SUP with an emphasis on touring? Then you can use the board for a variety of activities. At first, you will often just paddle a little on the water to practice technique. This is what the allround board is very suitable for. Would you like to paddle a long distance? Then that's no problem either. It is even possible to brave small waves with this type of SUP board.

Have you had your eyes on a wider all-around SUP? Then this is the type that is more like a surf SUP. In fact, this type is a bit shorter and wider, and the width also extends a bit further forward. This makes it slightly harder to gain speed, but you experience much better maneuverability in the water. Hence, this model is often used on water with waves.


The all-round SUP boards bring many advantages and are therefore often chosen over other types for a reason. After all, they provide comfort during your SUP adventures because they:

  • Can be used for various activities;
  • Usually inflatable, making them easy to carry;
  • Extremely suitable for beginners;
  • Can be used in many different locations.

Buy your all-round SUP board at Watersports4fun

Would you like to buy an all-round SUP board? Then you've come to the right place. In our webshop you will find a wide range of different types of SUP boards in various models and designs. This way you as a customer have a wide choice and you can choose one which fits your requirements.

In case you can't quite figure it out yourself? Or do you find it difficult to find a suitable board? Don't hesitate to contact us for advice.

In addition to tailored advice, you can also count on 30 days of reflection with us. Should the board and/or other items not entirely to your liking? Then you can return them within 30 days. Furthermore, all orders over €100 are delivered to your home free of charge.

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