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Jobe paddle board

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The Jobe SUP boards feature several technologies characteristic of high-end SUP boards, making them the lightest, strongest and stiffest boards on the market. Jobe 's unique heat bonded technology makes the board 25% lighter than boards in the same class, while remaining 30% stiffer.

The inside of the Jobe SUP board does not feature regular drop stitching, but uses the Jobe X-stitching technology, creating even more rigidity. Other impressive features include the ability to inflate the boards to as much as 20 PSI, the use of an EZ lock fin and the fully waterproof backpack.

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With more than 25 years of experience in the water sports industry, Jobe has achieved unprecedented quality with their inflatable SUP boards. Not surprisingly, they offer a whopping five-year warranty on their water sports products.

Why choose a Jobe SUP board?

When you choose a Jobe stand up paddle board you are actually always in the right place. The popular water sports brand distinguishes itself from others by offering very different models. You can make it as crazy as you want.

For example, there are several models especially suitable for sea and even versions that come with a tarp. They also offer genuine professional SUP boards to the experienced/professional suppers.

However, there are also special boards for children and/or beginning suppers. These SUP boards are very affordable, while meeting high quality standards. So with a Jobe SUP board you are basically always in the right place. jobe sup board kopen

Jobe Heat Bonded Technology

Using their unique heat bonded technology, Jobe SUP boards are 25% lighter while being 30% stiffer than other SUP boards on the market. The inside of the Jobe SUP boards feature the Jobe X-stitching technology, which offers even more stiffness than regular drop stitches. On top of this, the aero series have a single stringer and the Premium Aero series even a double stringer, which benefits the rigidity of the boards.

With the ability to inflate the boards to as much as 20 PSI, Jobe SUP boards are clear winners in terms of stiffness.

Form follows function philosophy

In 2021, Jobe introduced their new design philosophy: "Form Follows Function." This philosophy means that the form of a product should be primarily focused on its intended function or purpose. The design of each Jobe SUP board has been modified to complement and enhance the specific features of each product. For example, the handles and luggage elastics are integrated into the Jobe SUP, giving the boards a sleek look and added protection.

There are no patches on the board, which adds to its beautiful appearance. Every detail is carefully designed to optimize the performance and usability of the Jobe SUP boards.

Jobe Buy SUP

Have you looked around among all the SUP boards from Jobe? Then you must have noticed that there are many different models available. These differ not only in price, but also in quality and purpose. Despite the difference in quality between the expensive and cheaper SUP boards, all models are of good quality. However, there are some versions that are very popular and stand out above all other models, namely the:

In addition to these popular Jobe stand up paddle board models, the brand also offers other products. These include paddles, dry bags, ankle cord air pumps and many other accessories.

Aero & Premium Aero boards from Jobe

The Jobe SUP boards are divided into two categories:

  • Aero SUP boards
  • Premium Aero SUP Boards

Jobe Duna

The Jobe Duna is our most popular board from the Jobe range. This board not only has a beautiful design, but is also very versatile. Its shape is between an all-round and a touring board, giving it an excellent balance between stability and speed.

The Jobe Duna is faster and steers better than an all-round board, and benefits from high maneuverability. Experienced suppers who enjoy touring will be very happy with this board.

Jobe Neva

The Jobe Neva is the ideal touring board from Jobe. With its distinctive pointed nose and impressive length, the Jobe Neva offers the perfect combination of glide and speed for the experienced supper who likes to cover long distances.

Jobe's attention to quality and finish is reflected in the little details, such as the paddle holder, the grip rails on the bottom of the board and the integrated bungee cords.

Jobe Loa

With its impressive size, load capacity and large EVA deckpad, the Jobe Loa is a beautiful board that is perfect to use with a child or dog. Its 86 cm width makes the board exceptionally stable and therefore ideal for SUP yoga.

Jobe Mohaka

The Jobe Mohaka is a brilliant inflatable SUP with hybrid features, suitable for both stand-up paddling and windsurfing. To provide better side control and grip, the bottom of the board features grip rails. Moreover, the Mohaka has two US fin boxes on the back and middle sections, which are user-friendly thanks to the EZ lock fin.

Jobe Leona

The most popular board in the Aero series is the Jobe Leona. Despite its friendly price, this board has high-end features such as heat bonded technology, X-stitching, a stringer at the top and reinforced rails. Despite its thickness of 12cm, the Leona is easy to handle thanks to its characteristic stiffness of Jobe. The maximum load of 120 kilograms also proves this.

Jobe Yarra

The Jobe Yarra is just as popular a choice as the Duna. Its attractive design is a big plus, but its classic all-around shape also makes it a favorite board among beginners looking for that extra bit of quality. The Yarra is very versatile and suitable for a variety of activities.

Water sports products from Jobe

Jobe Watersports, the name says it all, is a well-known water sports brand that specializes in developing SUP boards. You can find a suitable board for every activity: from SUP boards for yoga to SUP boards for touring. Whatever your purposes, with a SUP board from Jobe you will always be right.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced supper, because Jobe takes everyone into account. There are more expensive SUP's for the experienced suppers and cheaper versions for the beginners. In short, Jobe Sports is a suitable brand for all your SUP gear.

History Jobe SUP board

Jobe SUP boards have an interesting history. The company Jobe was founded in 1974 by former professional skier Jeff Jobe, focusing mainly on skiing. Later they expanded their offerings to water sports. In 2008, Jobe came under the management of Sport and Recreation Den Bol BV of the Netherlands, and their name was changed to Jobe Sports.

Today, Jobe products, including SUP boards, are sold worldwide. With their years of experience and accumulated knowledge in water sports, Jobe is able to produce high-quality Jobe SUP boards. The company sets itself apart by offering a warranty of as much as five years, while many other brands only offer a one-year warranty.

Jobe Buy SUP board at Watersports4fun

Choosing a Jobe SUP board? Then you're in the right place. In our webshop you will find a lot of SUP products from this popular water sport brand, from SUP boards to accessories. It's good to know that some SUP boards already come with a paddle and carrying bag.

That way you get everything you need to be well prepared to hit the road at once. Should this not be the case? Then find a suitable paddle for your new Jobe SUP board in no time.

Official Jobe dealer

Still have some questions about the product range or specifically about Jobe? Contact our customer service team to get all your questions answered. Our team is here for you! Watersports4fun.co.uk is an official dealer with a 5-star rating. It is possible to check out a Jobe SUP board at our location. We are open by appointment.

Frequently asked Questions

What does a Jobe SUP board cost?

You can buy a Jobe SUP board from €500,- with increasing prices up to €2500,-. The average price for a Jobe SUP board is €650, which means it has an excellent price-quality ratio.

Is Jobe a good brand of SUP board?

Jobe is a good brand for SUP boards. Jobe SUP boards are equipped with various technologies that are characteristic of high-end SUP boards, making these boards the lightest, strongest and stiffest on the market. Jobe's unique heat bonded technology makes the board 25% lighter than boards in the same class, while remaining 30% stiffer.

How long is the warranty of a Jobe SUP board?

The warranty when purchasing a Jobe SUP board through an official Jobe dealer is 5 years. Unlike many other brands that only give a 1-year warranty after purchase.

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