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Red Paddle SUP board

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Red Paddle Co was founded in 2008 and has been developing the best SUP boards in the world ever since. The goal of this brand is to offer everyone in the world the best SUP experiences. They do this mainly by continuing to innovate and further develop their boards.

The new 2023 collection is therefore equipped with the best materials and the latest technologies . In addition, all new SUP boards from this brand are subjected to strict tests to prove reliability and rigidity. This is why the performance of this board is unparalleled and no other brand comes close. We also see this in the return percentage of only 0.02%, which of course gives a clear picture of the experiences of users.

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Why choose a SUP board from Red Paddle Co?

Red Paddle is one of the most popular brands in the field of SUP boards. This is reflected in the features, characteristics and quality of the new collection. For example, all boards are equipped with the latest technologies that provide higher stiffness and a longer lifespan.

In addition, there are many different models available for various purposes, including yoga, fitness, touring and recreational use. There are also special boards for children, family or multiple people, so there is a board for everyone to suit their needs.

In addition to the award-winning SUP boards from this well-known brand, they also offer paddles and accessories. These are therefore included with the board as standard, giving you all the necessities you need to hit the road at once. A paddle, pump, fin, carrying bag and safety cord are included as standard.

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Inflatable SUP boards from Red Paddle

A big advantage of the Red Paddle SUP boards is that all models are inflatable. This not only offers a lot of convenience, but also makes a big difference in terms of price. In fact, inflatable SUP boards are generally cheaper than hard boards.

These types of boards are easy to carry, easy to maintain and perfect for beginning suppers. If you choose a board from Red Paddle? Then you choose high quality at a reasonable price.

What models are available?

As you may have heard, Red Paddle SUP boards offer many different shapes and sizes. Because of this, everyone will find a board that suits him or her. Also in our webshop you will find various models which differ in price, performance and purposes. But whatever your purpose is? With a Red Paddle board you are always right. Below you will find all the models we offer in our webshop:

The main features of the Red Paddle SUP boards

The boards from Red Paddle excel in their performance and features. This is why this brand is currently the number 1 in the world in terms of Stand Up Paddle boards. All properties can be explained by the materials used in combination with the technologies applied. Namely, this results in the following properties:

  • Huge strength: thanks to the latest technologies and high-quality materials, the board has unprecedented rigidity and strength. It is therefore rare for a board to break. Should this be the case? Then you can usually repair the board easily.

  • Sharply priced: despite all the high quality materials, the board is relatively inexpensive. This allows you to get a high-quality SUP board including a complete set for a competitive price.

  • Inflatable: all of Red's boards are inflatable, making them easy to carry and store. In addition, a handy carrying bag is included as standard.

  • Various models: the brand believes that everyone should be able to find a board that fits their needs perfectly. This is why Red has developed a tremendously wide range. As a result, there is something for everyone and you will always succeed with a board from this popular brand.

Elastic bungee straps

Red Paddle has replaced the round rubber bands with elastic straps on their SUP boards. This allows for better attachment of your luggage as the pressure on your luggage is more evenly distributed.

These improved bungee straps keep your gear in place, even during rough conditions on the water.

New 2-fin set-up

Red Paddle has recently changed the design of the Ride boards, moving from a set-up with 3 fixed fins to a 2-fin set-up.

This change has resulted in improved performance of the boards, as they now go straight ahead more easily, have less drag and move slightly faster through the water.

In addition, thanks to the 2-fin set-up, the board is easier to store and now fits more easily into the included bag.

Rubber rim called ''Speedtail''

Red Paddle has equipped the Sport models with a handy feature called Speedtail. This Speedtail is a rubber edge that is attached to the back of the board, this allows for a better flow of water, allowing it to drain better and more evenly. The result of this addition are better performance of the board, such as higher speed and more stability on the water.

Twin traction fins

The Voyager boards from Red Paddle feature a special modification. Instead of the former center fin, these boards now have two shorter fins.

This change has improved course keeping and glide phase, making paddling even more comfortable.

In addition, you can now paddle in shallow water without getting stuck, which is a great advantage for anyone who likes to go on adventures.

V-hull on the Voyager models

The Voyager SUP boards from Red Paddle feature a V-hull. By means of an extra layer of PVC with a V-shaped structure on the bottom of the board, the water is broken up and cut, providing improved course keeping and less energy consumption. This makes paddling on the water an even more fun experience!

Rocker Stiffening System technology

The "Rocker Stiffening System" (RSS) is a special technology patented by Red Paddle SUP. This unique technology is used exclusively at Red Paddle and aims to make SUP boards even stiffer, so they bend less and have less resistance on the water.

By using the RSS stiffening system, Red Paddle SUP can match almost the same hardness and rigidity as hardboards, providing an even better paddling experience on the water.

Proprietary material MSL developed

In 2017, Red Paddle co introduced their own patented material called MSL, which is super strong and stiff and also 2 kg lighter than a double-layer PVC inflatable SUP board. The MSL material is also exceptionally airtight, making leaks almost impossible. With this innovation, Red Paddle co now offers a durable inflatable SUP board that will last for years.

Where is Red Paddle Co located?

Red Paddle Co is a leading company in the inflatable SUP industry. The company is based in South Devon, a picturesque location in the United Kingdom that is close to the coast. This location is ideal for Red Paddle Co because it allows them to test and refine their products in close proximity to the sea.

This is especially important as Red Paddle Co focuses on developing high-quality, durable and reliable SUP boards. The company has earned a worldwide reputation for their commitment to quality and their use of innovative technologies, such as the RSS stiffener system and MSL material.

Red Paddle Buy SUP boards at Watersports4fun

Are you looking for a Red Paddle SUP in the Netherlands? Then you've come to the right place. In our webshop you can find several models of this well-known SUP brand for different purposes. Do you like to ride long distances or do you want to use the board for recreational purposes? Whatever your wishes are, with a board from Red Paddle you will always succeed.

Moreover, all boards of this brand come standard with a complete SUP set. This allows you to get all your accessories in one go and be well prepared to hit the road. If you still have questions about a certain model or need personal advice? Feel free to contact our customer service. We would love to help you find the perfect SUP board for you!

Official Red Paddle Co dealer

Still have some questions about the product range or specifically about Red Paddle? Contact our customer service team to get all your questions answered. Our team is here for you! Watersports4fun is an official dealer with a 5-star rating. It is possible to check out a Red Paddle SUP board at our location. We are open by appointment.

Frequently asked Questions

What does a Red Paddle SUP board cost?

Buying a Red Paddle SUP board is possible from € 1,149 with increasing prices up to € 1,499. The average price for a Red Paddle SUP board is € 1,300, which is a very good price for the price/quality ratio.

Is Red Paddle a good brand of SUP board?

Red Paddle is a good brand for SUP boards. Red Paddle SUP boards are equipped with various technologies that are characteristic of high-quality inflatable SUP boards.

These technologies include the patented RSS stiffening system, MSL material and the innovative speedtail on the Sport models. Red Paddle has a strong focus on quality and durability, which is evident in the 5-year warranty they offer on their boards.

How long is the warranty of a Red Paddle SUP board?

The warranty when purchasing a Red Paddle SUP board through an official Red Paddle dealer is 5 years. Unlike many other brands that only give a 1-year warranty after purchase.

Each board is carefully crafted in Red Paddle Co's own facility using a unique manufacturing process that takes an average of 72 hours to complete. This ensures that each board is of the highest quality and built to last.

With a Red Paddle Co board from Watersports4Fun you can rest assured that you are investing in durable and reliable equipment that will provide endless hours of fun on the water.

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