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Indiana SUP board

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Looking for a suitable Indiana SUP board for your favorite water activity? Good choice! Indiana only offers high quality inflatable SUP boards. For example, glass fiber reinforcement is used so that the board cannot change shape.

The brand is therefore known for always delivering quality . Are you curious? View all Indiana SUP boards and other accessories in our range now!

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You can go in all directions with an Indiana SUP board, as they are not only suitable for flat water, but also for sea. You can also perform various activities, including yogasurfing, fishing, fitness and much more. Whatever your goals are, in our webshop you will find a suitable Indiana SUP board that fits your personal needs.

Why a SUP board from Indiana?

Indiana is a well-known water sports brand and is known for its high quality. That's why the Indiana SUP boards in our webshop all meet the right quality requirements. Among other things, they are equipped with fiberglass reinforcement, so the board keeps its straight shape better.

Even though Indiana's SUP boards are inflatable, this technology makes it look more and more like a hardboard. Because of this, you also experience more stability and move yourself forward through the water more easily.

hyperflow fin on the bottom. In fact, this allows you to sail a more stable course and will make the ride even more comfortable. In short, with a SUP board from Indiana, you are assured of high quality for an affordable price.

Not quite there yet or have some questions? Consult our customer service team to get your questions answered.

Versions of the Indiana SUP board

Everyone has different needs and purposes with a SUP board. That's why we offer different versions of the Indiana SUP board. The models differ not only in price, but also in quality and purpose.

  • For example, special models have been developed for yoga, fishing, fitness and many other activities. So when making a good choice, it is important to think in advance about what exactly you want to do with the board.

  • Then you can use the filters in the shop to indicate what needs to be taken into account to find the best board.

What models are available?

In our assortment we have included several SUP boards from Indiana. To give you a clear overview we have listed them for you below:

Press one of the models if you want to read reviews and more information. Still have questions? Then don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Buy Indiana SUP board from Watersports4fun

Are you interested in a SUP board from Indiana? Then take a look in our webshop. Here you can find a wide range of stand up paddle boards, paddles and useful accessories for your board. This way you can buy a complete SUP set with everything you need.

Moreover, some versions come with paddle, carrying bag and many more useful accessories. In that case, you can be sure you have everything you need for a great trip on the water.

Finding it difficult to make a good choice? Don't hesitate and feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you make a good choice, so you are assured of a suitable Indiana SUP board that suits your needs and wishes.

Frequently asked Questions

What does an Indiana SUP board cost?

You can buy an Indiana SUP board from € 799,- with increasing prices up to € 1349,-. The average price for an Indiana SUP board is € 999 and therefore has an excellent price-quality ratio.

Is Indiana a good brand of SUP board?

Indiana is a good brand of SUP board. The brand offers a wide range of good quality boards suitable for different levels and disciplines, such as touring, surfing and yoga. Indiana SUP boards are designed with attention to detail and functionality, making them popular among beginner and experienced SUP boarders alike.

How long is the warranty of an Indiana SUP board?

Indiana extends your product warranty. Register yourself and your board (including serial number) and benefit from an extra year on top of your existing two-year warranty. This extra warranty is available for all boards, so it is valid for all inflatable SUPs, hardboards, (inflatable) surfboards and for all foil boards.

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