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Women's wetsuit

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Are you looking for a ladies wetsuit ? Good news, you've come to the right place at Watersports4fun. In our webshop you will find a wide range of all kinds of wetsuits. For example, we have full body wetsuits, but you can also contact us for over-the-knee models or a shorty.

When choosing a good model you have to pay attention to several parts . On this page we provide tips for this, so that you can make a good choice. Finding the perfect ladies wetsuit becomes so easy and fun!

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Why buy a women's wetsuit?

A wetsuit is ideal when you do a lot of sports in the water, such as surfing, supping or sailing. A wetsuit keeps you from hypothermia from the sometimes very cold temperatures of the water. Therefore, this allows you to go into the water even in colder temperatures without freezing your toes off.

A women's wetsuit is designed specifically for a woman's body. This means a narrower waist is present, while there is extra room at the breasts and hips. Therefore, a women's wetsuit usually fits women better than a universal or men's model.

A good women's wetsuit fits your body well, yet is comfortable and offers plenty of freedom of movement.There are several components to consider when choosing a wetsuit including the model, thickness, material and fit. So read on for clear tips on how to tackle these.

The different types

There are now many different types available, which is why we give you an overview of the models you can choose from. The models differ in the temperature in which they work best and in the freedom of movement you have in the suit. These are the most common models:


The drysuit can be used in the coldest temperatures. The suit lets no water in and retains heat very well. This kind covers your whole body, so it has long legs and long sleeves.


The steamer is also suitable for colder temperatures and, like the drysuit, covers your entire body. A special feature of the steamer is that the seams of the suit are glued or taped shut.

This means less water enters the suit compared to the next 4 types. The suit is suitable for winter and spring or fall.

Full body wetsuit

This type of wetsuit is the most common. It keeps you warm in fairly chilly temperatures and is therefore good to use in the (Dutch) spring and fall. This suit also covers all of your body including the full arms and legs.

Overknee model

This model has somewhat shorter pant legs that stop just below the knee. This gives your legs some extra freedom of movement, or space for wakeboarding or kitesurfing boots, for example. The sleeves just cover all of your arms, though. With this model, you can exercise well in water of average temperatures.

Shortarm model

The short arm model is the opposite of the overknee model, and has long legs but short sleeves. As a result, this model actually gives your arms some extra freedom of movement. This model is good to use in average temperatures.


The last type of wetsuit for women is a shorty. This wetsuit covers your upper body and only a small part of your arms or legs. So it has short sleeves and legs or even no sleeves at all.

These models are very popular among women because you have a lot of freedom of movement while exercising. At the same time, these types of wetsuits are also available in a huge number of colors and designs. The shorty is especially suitable for summer and high temperatures.

What size should you choose?

Once you have chosen a type of wetsuit, it is important to select the right size of it. This can sometimes be more difficult online, since you cannot try on wetsuits in advance. No worries: if you have ordered a wetsuit that does not fit, you can return it within 30 days.

Still, to make it easier for you, we give you some advice for choosing the right size. There are 2 parts important for choosing the right size:

De lengte en breedte van het pak

De dikte van het pak

The length and width depends on your own body. Your chest size is the biggest determinant of size. Therefore, always choose a size that fits well with your chest size.

When you wear an oversized suit that doesn't fit your body properly, you constantly get cold water flowing through your suit. This water is cold, and also makes it difficult to keep yourself warm. This is why a close-fitting suit wetsuit for women is important.

The thickness of your wetsuit

To keep your body as warm as possible in the water, it is important to choose the right thickness. Wetsuits are made of neoprene, a type of synthetic rubber that can be from 1mm thick to 6mm thick in wetsuits. The thicker the suit, the better the suit keeps out the cold.

The thickness of the material is shown as follows: 3/2. Here, the first number is the thickness of the suit at your back and abdomen (your core), in this case 3 mm. The second number is about the thickness of the suit around your arms and legs. This is usually a bit thinner, so you also have more freedom of movement.

Choosing a quality wetsuit

A wetsuit is an investment that allows you to fully enjoy yourself in the water. Therefore, you want a high quality wetsuit so that you have enough freedom of movement and the suit can last a long time. There are several things you can look for in a high quality wetsuit women:

How much stretch does the material have? Most suits are made partly of neoprene super stretch, and partly of neoprene stretch. Super stretch is more flexible and gives even more freedom of movement. However, this material is slightly more expensive.

If it is especially important that your wetsuit ladies be inexpensive, neoprene stretch might be the right choice for you.

Look at the insulation. This includes the thickness, but also the seams and how well they are taped up, for example.

Do you choose single-lined neoprene or double-lined neoprene? Single-lined neoprene is cheaper because it only has an extra lining on one side. This extra fabric lining is on the inside; the outside consists of the rubber neoprene. With double-lined neoprene, this extra fabric lining is on both the inside and the outside. Double-lined neoprene is usually stronger than single-lined. Again, if it is especially important that your ladies' wetsuit is cheap, the strongest version (double-lined) may not be as interesting.

Additional tips for a fine wetsuit for ladies

In addition to the items mentioned above, you can also pay attention to the following things for a perfectly fitting women's wetsuit:

Is the suit quick drying? Some athletes really like it when the suit dries quickly when they are done with the sport. Fortunately, neoprene is generally already fairly quick-drying.

How heavy is the suit? This can also factor into your choice.

In addition, of course, appearance or design also plays into your choice. Quality comes first of course, but a nice or cheerful wetsuit is never wrong either! And good news, in our webshop you will find a wide range of different wetsuits for ladies. This allows you to choose a model that is completely your taste.

What shoes can I wear under a wetsuit?

Your body is protected by your wetsuit, your feet are not. Therefore, it may be useful to purchase water shoes so you can enjoy your favorite water sport to the fullest. When your feet don't stay warm, the rest of your body also cools down faster.

So wearing special shoes under your wetsuit means you stay warmer yourself. It is also possible to buy shoes with grip. This can be very useful when you surf or windsurf, for example, since you get more grip on your surface.

Shoes come in several thicknesses, if you want to use it in winter we recommend a thickness of 5 mm. These are the 3 most common types of shoes for under your wetsuit women:

Round toe. This is actually more like a sock where the sole is reinforced. It is made of neoprene and fits closely to your skin. Ideal for keeping warm, in other words!

Split toe. In a split toe shoe, your little toes are separated from your big toe. This has the advantage that the shoe (usually) stays well in place. The round toe sock can still slide a little here and there. At the same time, you have more grip on, for example, your surfboard because the big toe is separated.

Internal split toe. As a third option, you can choose an internal split toe, where the big toe is separated from the little toes, but they are still together within 1 shoe. So it is a combination of the round toe and the split toe shoes. Here you have the advantage of the split toe, that the shoe stays in place better, and at the same time all the toes are together inside the shoe making it warmer as well. The best of both worlds, in other words!

Good gloves as accessories

Gloves can also be a very useful accessory to wear with your wetsuit. The thickness of gloves varies, again, for winter a thickness of 5mm is fine.

If you get cold hands and fingers very quickly, you can also choose even thicker gloves. Again, there are different types of gloves for sale:

Lobster gloves where the thumb and index finger sit separately and the other three fingers sit together. The advantage of this is that your other 3 fingers stay warmer because they sit together, while thanks to the separate thumb and index finger, you have plenty of grip and freedom of movement.

5 finger gloves where all the fingers are seated separately.

Wanten. These are mittens as you know them, where only the thumb is separate and all other fingers are together. However, it is made of neoprene, making it suitable for use in water sports. The advantage is the extra warmth because most of the fingers are together, but because of this you may not be able to hold your surfboard as well, for example.

We are happy to help you make the right choice

Do you have questions about the different wetsuits, or still not sure which model is right for you? No worries, we are here for you. Contact our customer service team for advice for your situation. This way you can be sure to get the right women's wetsuit.

In addition to our excellent customer service, you can also take advantage of our return policy. Within 30 days you can return or send back your product. Is the product not good? Then you get your money back. How fair!

As icing on the cake, all orders over $100 will be shipped for free. Have fun kayaking, surfing, supping, wakeboarding or any of the other great water sports!

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