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SUP clothing men

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Need SUP clothing for men ? Then look no further! An important part of supping, which many people often do not take into account, is the clothing. It is important to stay at a good temperature during your trip, so that your trip remains comfortable. Mobility on your SUP board is also important. Because Stand Up Paddling has become extremely popular in recent years, we see more and more water sports brands developing special SUP clothing lines . This gives you as a consumer a wide choice of different models and designs.

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Why is there special SUP clothing for men?

In the past, many gentlemen have come to the conclusion that supping in a normal wetsuit or sportswear is not ideal. This is because a wetsuit is generally quite tight, so you experience less freedom of movement. Also, sportswear is not the most practical choice for while supping.

You may experience more maneuverability, but once you enter the water, the clothes will remain wet for a long time. On a hot summer day, this will obviously not be a disaster. However, there are also many people who like to go supping on colder days, and then it is important to stay warm.

Another reason why SUP clothing has been developed specifically for men is the difference in fit with women. After all, everyone should be able to stand comfortably on his/her SUP board. This would be more difficult if there was only one kind of fit. As you probably expect, there is also SUP clothing for women.

Choose an appropriate outfit

Of course, choosing an appropriate SUP outfit depends on the weather conditions and the way you will be supping. For example, should you always be on your knees while supping? Then long pants might be more comfortable. After all, this will prevent your knees from rubbing on the board, making you feel useless after only half an hour.

  • Are you going out on the water in cold weather? Then it's smart to put on a nice warm outfit. Think of a full wetsuit with possibly an extra SUP vest. This will keep you nice and warm during the trip and it won't be a problem if you take a dip. In the winter, it can sometimes also be wise to purchase SUP shoes to prevent your toes from freezing.

Of course, during a hot summer day, you don't need to put on a full wetsuit with long sleeves. In that case, you can opt for SUP tops with short sleeves and short SUP leggings in which you can paddle comfortably.

Buy SUP clothing for men at Watersports4fun

At Watersports4fun you have come to the right place for special SUP clothing for men. We offer a wide range of different clothing for when you're SUPing. You can think of wetsuits, tops, leggings and more. Do you have doubts if a certain item of clothing fits or is comfortable? Don't worry. With us you can count on 30 days reflection time. Furthermore, all orders over € 100, - free home delivery. That is the service of Watersports4fun!

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