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Aqua Marina SUP board

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Are you looking for SUP articles from the popular Aqua Marina brand? Then you have landed on the right page. Here you will find various articles, from Aqua Marina SUP boards to various paddles and accessories. The brand is one of the most famous brands in the field of SUP articles worldwide and has already sold more than 1 million SUP boards.

This is partly because they have a wide range of various planks for specific purposes. For example, special Aqua Marina SUPs are available for children, yoga , fishing and touring. These are mainly inflatable SUP boards with high quality features . So be sure to take a look at our range.

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  • Aqua Marina Fusion
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    Aqua Marina

    Aqua Marina Fusion

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  • aqua marina monster paddle board aqua marina monster
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    Aqua Marina

    Aqua Marina Monster

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  • aqua marina magma aqua marina magma review
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    Aqua Marina

    Aqua Marina Magma

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  • aqua marina atlas Aqua Marina Atlas sup
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    Aqua Marina

    Aqua Marina Atlas

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  • Aqua Marina

    Aqua Marina Vapor

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  • Aqua Marina

    Aqua Marina Breeze

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  • Aqua Marina Coral Aqua Marina Coral kopen
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    Aqua Marina

    Aqua Marina Coral

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  • aqua marina beast aqua marina beast kopen
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    Aqua Marina

    Aqua Marina Beast

    €449,00 €489,00
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Table of contents

Why choose a Aqua Marina SUP board?

One of the reasons why people often choose a Aqua Marina stand up paddle board is the high quality. Thus, SUP boards get better, nicer and more comfortable every year.

The design/shaping should not go unmentioned either, as it is perfect for making speed on still water while being stable enough to face wilder waters as well. Aqua Marine pays a lot of attention to this.

Thereby, each board comes with a complete SUP set. This includes a paddle, carrying bag, air SUP pump, fins and in some cases even an ankle cord. This way you immediately have everything you need to be well prepared to hit the road, and that too at an affordable price.

Furthermore, this brand offers boards for both beginner and experienced suppers, so there is something for everyone.

Aqua Marina Buy SUP board

If you are looking for a Aqua Marina SUP board, you can count on a nice, strong and easy to use inflatable board.

The design of the Aqua Marina inflatable boards are perfect for supping on flat water and provide enough stability for wave surfing.

Each SUP board from Aqua Marina comes with a paddle, air pump, backpack, fins and some even with ankle cord, all at a very affordable price.

With sizes ranging from 300 cm to as much as 427 cm for the racing SUP, there are boards available for both beginners and advanced users.

Aqua Marina SUP board top 8

Over the years, we have seen several Aqua Marina SUP boards rise to the top of the sales charts. Some of these remained popular for a long time, while other boards lost popularity again.

In the Aqua Marina top 8 we have selected the most popular boards of recent years. The brand's most popular model is the Fusion with its successor the Beast.

  • Aqua Marina Fusion
  • Aqua Marina Beast
  • Aqua Marina Vapor
  • Aqua Marina Monster
  • Aqua Marina Atlas
  • Aqua Marina Magma
  • Aqua Marina Breeze
  • Aqua Marina Coral

What models are available?

When you take a look in our webshop you will soon see that the Aqua Marina SUP boards are available in various models. This gives you a wide choice and you will always find a board that fits your personal wishes.

In recent years we have noticed that many SUP boards from Aqua Marina have become very popular. This is mainly because you can buy a quality board for relatively little money.

However, there are many different models available, allowing everyone to meet their needs. Below you can see which popular models we offer in our webshop:

In addition to these SUP board models, we also offer various paddles and SUP accessories from this brand. This makes it possible to purchase a full set of high-quality SUP items at once.

What can you use the Aqua Marina SUP board for?

If you're looking for a versatile activity to do outdoors, supping is a great option.

With a Aqua Marina SUP board, you can engage in a variety of activities including all-around supping, racing, fishing, yoga, family outings and even wave surfing.

Buy SUP board from Aqua Marina at Watersports4fun

In this Aqua Marina SUP review you could read more about the products we offer in our webshop of this world famous water sport brand. In most cases the Aqua Marina SUP boards come with a paddle and other handy accessories, so you don't have to buy these separately anymore.

Moreover, this ensures that your entire SUP set consists of high-quality products. This way, you will be well prepared to go out and have fun SUP adventures. When finding the most suitable SUP board for you, it is important to think about what you want to do with it beforehand.

Then you can use the filters in the webshop to filter on your personal wishes. This allows you to find a suitable SUP board from Aqua Marina in no time and you can be sure you'll never pay too much. Still need some help? Our customer service is ready to answer your questions.

Official Aqua Marina dealer

Still have some questions about the product range or specifically about Aqua Marina? Contact our customer service team to get all your questions answered. Our team is waiting for you!

Watersports4fun is an official dealer with a 5-star rating. It is possible to check out a Aqua Marina SUP board at our location. We are open by appointment.

Frequently asked Questions

Which Aqua Marina SUP board to choose?

The Aqua Marina Fusion SUP board is Aqua Marina's most popular board. This is due to its length and width, which provides a lot of stability. In addition, the board has a high load capacity of 150 kg, which makes it possible to take a child or dog with you. The Aqua Marina Fusion SUP board is ideal for beginners and widely applicable for multiple purposes such as yoga.

What does an Aqua Marina SUP board cost?

You can buy an Aqua Marina SUP board from €299,- with increasing prices up to €499,-. The average price for an Aqua Marina SUP board is €375, which means it has an excellent price-quality ratio. You also get a lot for your money with a complete package. The Aqua Marina Fusion in particular is very popular and can be purchased for €309.

How long is the warranty of an Aqua Marina SUP board?

The warranty when purchasing an Aqua Marina SUP board through an official Aqua Marina dealer is 1 year. These warranty conditions are used by most A-brands, in contrast to the Jobe brand. With this provider you get no less than 5 years warranty when purchasing through an official Jobe dealer.

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