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Shorty wetsuit

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Is it too hot for a wetsuit, but too cold to go out on the water in your swimwear? Then a shorty wetsuit is the perfect solution . On a hot summer day (with temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees) the water can still feel a bit cold. It is often just too cold to go paddle boarding or surfing in swimwear.

In that case, we have the ideal solution for you, namely a shorty. Take a look at our range below and find a suitable wetsuit with short sleeves.

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What should you look for when buying a shorty?

A shorty wetsuit is nice and easy to put on and take off, and available in various models, sizes and thicknesses. Therefore, it is good to know what to look for when buying one, as a shorty should also fit well.

Keep in mind the size, fit and thickness of the suit to prevent your performance from suffering. We are happy to tell you a little more about certain points of interest when selecting the right shorty.


It is important that you feel comfortable when you put on a shorty wetsuit. After all, this is one of the most important factors in determining whether you are comfortable.

Should your short wetsuit not be comfortable? Then before you even start you will go out on the water feeling less comfortable. This can come at the expense of your performance, which of course will also reduce your enjoyment. So choose a shorty with the right thickness, fit and fabric that feels nice.


Before you actually proceed to purchase a sleeveless wetsuit, it is important to get the size right. If a wetsuit is too short or too long, your performance may suffer.

This is because the suit then no longer functions as it should, which means, for example, that you have less freedom of movement or that wind and water pass right through the suit. So a well-fitting suit is essential for water sports. Therefore, always look at the fit as well and select the right size.

Type of zipper

When finding a shorty wetsuit, it is good to pay attention to the type of zipper. For example, we know 3 different types of wetsuits with different types of zippers, including the back-zip, front-zip and zipless wetsuits.

The most common type of zipper is the back-zip, where the zipper is attached to the back of the suit. This makes it easy to get in and out of the suit, allowing you to get on the water quickly.

There are also the front-zip wetsuits, whose zipper, you guessed it, is attached to the front. An advantage of this type of zipper is that the connection is tighter than that of a back-zip. This ensures that less water gets through the suit, which of course is very nice.

Last, but certainly not least, the zipless wetsuits. The name of course says it all, this suit has no zipper. You might think that this means more water gets through, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the suits retain more water and are also lighter in weight. Hence, suits with this type of zipper are becoming increasingly popular among avid water sports enthusiasts.

Shorty wetsuit for ladies

Looking for a wetsuit shorty for ladies? You can find them at Watersports4fun. In our assortment you will find various models in different sizes, thicknesses and colors.

There are also springsuits especially for ladies, which are shorties with long sleeves, but without long legs. With these, you will be comfortable on the water and also look radiant.

Shorty wetsuit for men

In our assortment you will find various models of wetsuit shorties for men. You can choose from different models in different colors, sizes and thicknesses. Think about what you want to use the wetsuit for and base your choice on that. At Watersport4fun, you are guaranteed to find a shorty that suits you.

Shorty wetsuit for children

Of course, we have also thought of the sporty children who like to take a day trip to the water. Therefore, we offer various shorties for children available in different models, colors, thicknesses and sizes. So you are guaranteed to succeed with us for the whole family.

Buy shorty wetsuit at Watersports4fun

Don't yet have a short-sleeved wetsuit for those wonderful, hot summer days? Then it is good that you have come to us. On this page you will find a variety of beautiful shorty wetsuits for all ages. Explore the entire assortment and decide for yourself which suit suits you best.

Finding it difficult to determine what kind of wetsuit you need? Then feel free to contact our customer service team for help and advice. We are happy to help you find a suitable suit for the water. You can reach us by email, phone or live chat.

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