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Triathlon wetsuit

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Do you have a triathlon planned in the near future? Then of course a triathlon wetsuit cannot be missed. During a triathlon you often swim in unheated lakes, seas, rivers and open waters. So you want to protect yourself well against the cold and ensure that your body stays at the right temperature.

You also want to improve your performance and be able to change outfits quickly. In that case, a wetsuit is the perfect solution. In addition, there are also special wetsuits for triathlons with better buoyancy, so that you can achieve better performance. Take a look below and find a wetsuit for triathlons that suits you.

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Difference between a wetsuit for triathlons and a regular wetsuit

You may be asking yourself if there really is a big difference between a normal wetsuit a triathlon wetsuit. So we would like to tell you a little more about it.

A triathlon wetsuit is different from a wetsuit for surfing or diving, for example. For example, such a wetsuit never consists of multiple parts, as you ever have with other wetsuits.

In addition, triathlon suits are often more flexible, comfortable, easier to put on and take off, and have better balanced buoyancy. This will enhance performance during a triathlon.

Fullsleeve or sleeveless wetsuit for triathlon

For a triathlon, you obviously need a wetsuit in which you can perform well. With that said, there is a difference between fullsleeve and sleeveless wetsuits.

fullsleeve wetsuit is a suit whose sleeves and legs come up to your hands and feet. You are much faster in this type of model, since the suit contains more rubber. This can save up to several seconds per 100 meters.

sleeveless wetsuit, on the other hand, is often easier to put on and take off, which again can ultimately save several seconds compared to fullsleeve wetsuits. In addition, a sleeveless wetsuit is usually cheaper.

Wetsuit triathlon for women

A wetsuit, no matter what you plan to use it for, should always have a tight fit. Especially when you are going to use the wetsuit for a triathlon. This is why we offer special models for women, since they have a different fit than men.

When doing so, pay close attention to the size and thickness to ensure that you are comfortable in the wetsuit. A comfortable triathlon wetsuit for women will already put you several seconds ahead of your opponents.

Wetsuit triathlon for men

For men, of course, we also offer wetsuits specifically for triathlons. These are often lighter, more comfortable and more flexible, so you have a lot of freedom of movement while swimming. You can choose from different models in various sizes, thicknesses and colors.

Make sure you choose the right size and thickness to be comfortable in your wetsuit. This is because a wetsuit should always fit tightly to avoid losing its functions.

Buy Triathlon wetsuit

Buying a triathlon wetsuit is very easy at Watersports4fun, but finding one can sometimes be more difficult. Get your bearings on the possibilities by browsing the offer on this page.

Not quite getting there or don't know what size you need? Then feel free to contact our customer service team for help and advice.

This is because our mission is to help all of our customers find the right water sports items to suit them. Feel free to call, email or chat with our helpful customer service team if you have any questions. We at Watersports4fun wish you lots of water fun!

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