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Inflatable SUP

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Inflatable SUP boards are popular & loved by nature enthusiasts and adventurers. The inflatable SUP board can be used for both relaxing and strenuous activities , such as long trips, yoga sessions or fanatical races on the water.

The inflatable SUP offers great opportunities for days out with friends and family. We are happy to assist you with all information about the right inflatable SUP board.

In addition, we can offer you A-quality models that are suitable for two to 7 people . It is advisable to pay attention to load capacity, brand, thickness and color when purchasing an inflatable SUP board. Also check with yourself what you mainly want to use your inflatable stand up paddle board for.

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Table of contents

What is an inflatable SUP board?

Why choose an inflatable SUP?

What are the benefits?

Different types of best inflatable SUP boards

Inflatable SUP board for relaxation

Inflatable SUP boards for long touring trips

Racing your inflatable SUP board

All round inflatable supboard for all activities

What do I need to sup with an inflatable supboard?

What inflatable SUP board brands are there?

Inflatable SUP maintenance

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What is an inflatable SUP board?

What is an inflatable SUP board and what should you know about it? SUP boarding is a sport that has become very popular in the Netherlands in recent years. So you also see more and more people on rivers, lakes, ponds and in the sea with a SUP board. Still, not every SUP board is the same, because they come in different shapes and sizes.

Below we take a closer look at inflatable SUP boards, they are increasingly preferred over hard boards, not crazy with the many benefits. Read on to check out the current buying guide to learn all about the benefits & considerations involved in buying the inflatable SUP board. 

Why choose an inflatable SUP?

Are you a novice supper? Then it is wise to first read up on the different SUP boards on the market. For example, SUP boards are available in different shapes and sizes that differ in features.

Indeed, should you be looking for a relaxing board? Then you should opt for a longer and wider board, giving you more stability.

In addition, an inflatable SUP board can also offer many advantages for novice suppers. Of course, most of the benefits also apply to experienced suppers.

What are the benefits?

Before buying an inflatable SUP board, it is of course useful to know what its advantages are. For a good overview we have listed the most important advantages:

An inflatable board is easier to transport because you can roll it up and put it in a bag;

They are generally more economical than other types of SUP boards;

Very lightweight, so you can easily carry them under your arm;

Can withstand a bump reasonably well, because the board bounces off when bumped;

Even though the board is inflated, the technology behind it ensures that the SUP is immensely sturdy;

Feels more comfortable on your feet than a hard board.

Different types of best inflatable SUP boards

There are several types of inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUPs), each suitable for different activities. For example, there are inflatable sup boards specifically designed for relaxation, touring and racing. In addition, there are SUPs intended for fishing, (wind) surfing and fitness.

Inflatable SUP board for relaxation

If you are looking for complete relaxation, an inflatable yoga SUP like the Aqua Marina Coral is a suitable choice. Performing yoga or fitness exercises while floating on the water is excellent with this model.

Inflatable SUP boards for long touring trips

Generally, inflatable SUPs for touring are long and equipped with multiple lashings, allowing you to enjoy the water longer. An additional advantage is that an inflatable SUP often has two air chambers, providing extra safety during multi-day adventures.

An example of an inflatable paddle board for touring is the Aqua Marina Magma. You can also check out the MOAI 12'4 and the Jobe Duna you can check out.

Racing your inflatable SUP board

Stand up paddling for racing requires a different type of sup board, a model which is relatively narrow and light. This makes it easier to achieve higher speeds. The MOAI 14'Jobe Neva & Red Paddle 12.6 Sport 2022 are solid models.

All round inflatable supboard for all activities

With an all-round inflatable SUP board you can go in all directions, as they are suitable for various activities on the water. Surfing, long tours or just relaxing, it's all possible with these inflatable SUPs. 

What do I need to sup with an inflatable supboard?

To fully enjoy yourself on the water, there are a number of necessary accessories, including a paddle, carrying bag, ankle cord, fin and pump. Although these accessories often come standard with an inflatable SUP, this is not always the case.

In brief:

Inflatable SUP

Fin of the inflatable SUP

SUP paddle

Ankle cord

Carrying bag

SUP pump & Dry bag

When buying an inflatable SUP board, pay close attention to what accessories are included as standard.

Using the carrying bag, you can easily transport the (hard) SUP board and just put it away during the winter season. With an electric pump, supping becomes even easier & especially faster.

In our opinion, a good balance between preparation and final time on the water is important. Make sure you also have your safety in order, think of an ankle cord or a life jacket, which also is not mandatory in the Netherlands, but there are some other rules on the water that should be taken into account.

What inflatable SUP board brands are there?

Want to buy an inflatable SUP board? You have several brands to choose from. One of the best-known brands is Aqua Marina, which is known for the high quality of its inflatable SUP boards and its wide range of products 

Aqua Marina offers the right inflatable SUP board for everyone at excellent value for money.

Another option could be the brand Jobe. Jobe offers inflatable SUP boards at a similar price to Aqua Marina. At Jobe you can find inflatable SUP boards aimed at different water activities, including all-round SUP boards. All brands offering multiple inflatable SUP models:

Aqua Marina








Red Paddle


Inflatable SUP maintenance

An inflatable SUP board is very strong and will last a long time, provided of course you maintain it properly. In fact, minor damage to the board can cause you to experience problems during your next trip.

Thus, small cracks in a blazing sun can quickly become larger because the air in the board expands. Therefore, be sure to properly maintain your inflatable SUP both during and after use.

Maintenance during use:

It is advisable to always transport the board in its accompanying bag. This prevents possible damage due to running past something sharp, for example;

Is the sun strong and is it very hot? Then make sure not to use the board for too long in the scorching sun;

Don't pump the board completely full on a summer day, leaving some room for the air to expand.

Maintenance after use:

Make sure all air is completely out of the board before storing it;

Let the board dry thoroughly before deflating it and do this again once the air is out;

When deflating the board, it is important to press the valve firmly. This way the air escapes better and both the board and valve will last longer.

Buy Inflatable SUP Board at Watersports4fun

Would you like to buy an inflatable SUP board? Then you've come to the right place at Watersports4fun.co.uk. This is because we offer a wide range of different types of boards, including inflatable SUPs.

These SUPs also come in a variety of sizes and colors, so there is something for everyone. Take a look above on the page and see what options are available.

It is also advisable to choose an electric SUP pump. This will pump up the inflatable SUP in no time, with a simple push of a button.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best inflatable SUP?

The best inflatable SUP board at the moment is the Aqua Marina Fusion. It is an all-round model and can be used for numerous water activities. With a high degree of stability, load capacity, quality, not to mention the beautiful design, this is certainly the best inflatable SUP board.

What does an inflatable SUP cost?

An inflatable SUP board costs an average of €450 to €600. For this amount you have an all-round premium (inflatable) board. For comparison, you can buy a hard board in this class between €1,150 to €1,300, which is quite a difference.

Inflatable SUP boards are very popular, partly due to the price and the convenience offered by an inflatable board. You also have a wide choice of SUP brands in different price ranges. The cheapest inflatable SUP boards are on average around €200.

Where can I buy an inflatable SUP board with a seat?

You can buy an inflatable SUP board with a seat at Watersports4fun.com. A seat is not included as standard with most SUP boards. In this case you can move to a loose seat that you can mount on the board.

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