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SUP board maintenance: read all the ins and outs here!

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Nicole Staartjens |

Are you the proud owner of a beautiful Stand Up Paddle board ? Then make sure that you always perform the SUP board maintenance properly. This is essential to extend the life of the board .

This way you prevent cracks or other forms of damage from occurring, as a result of which you could no longer use the board.

Should there still be damage? Then it is always useful to have a repair kit with you. This way you can repair the SUP on location, so that you can continue. However , prevention is better than cure and that is why it is important that you take paddle board maintenance seriously.

SUP board maintenance during use

When you are going to use the SUP board, there are a number of things that you should take into account. Are you not doing this? Then there is a chance that damage will occur so that you can no longer use the water.

Of course you want to prevent this at all times and that is why we have listed a number of tips for you below that you should pay attention to.

1) Transport of the SUP board

In our webshop you will find various SUP board packages that include a bag. The bag is essential for transporting your SUP board . This prevents damage to the board from sharp objects.

A bag is also much more convenient to transport your board, since you can simply carry it on your back. Should a bag not be included? No problem, it is possible to filter in the webshop for separate bags for your board.

2) Do not fully inflate the board in the hot sun

Are you going on the water with your SUP board during a hot summer day? Then keep in mind that you do not fully inflate the board.

Warm air will expand and despite the cool water, the expansion of the air in the board will go faster than you think. With a SUP pump you can indicate exactly how much PSI air needs to be in the board.

  • Therefore, do not go supping with your board in the middle of the hot sun for hours, but take a break every now and then and then put the board in the shade. This prevents cracks from appearing in the outer layer of the SUP board.

Moreover, this also applies to temporarily storing your board during hot summer days. Do you put the board in the shed for a few days? Then make sure you let some air out, as the air in the board can expand.

This way you leave some space for the air in the board to expand and prevent the chance of damage.

3) Always lift the board

It may seem easy to pull your SUP board behind you, but this is obviously not good for the board.

Small stones, sand, or branches can quickly cause cracks in the outer layer of the board. This could possibly cause a leak so that the SUP adventure of that day can no longer continue. Therefore, always lift your SUP board after you have inflated it.

SUP board maintenance after use

The real SUP board maintenance only starts after using your board. Above we have only given a number of tips to prevent damage, because prevention is of course better than cure.

That is why you have to take SUP board maintenance seriously, so that you can enjoy your SUP for longer. Below we tell you exactly what you should pay attention to.

1) Let your board dry thoroughly

One of the most important parts of paddle board maintenance is letting your board dry after use. We advise you not to let the board dry in the sun, but simply in the shade.

In the sun, the air in the board can still expand, which could cause cracks. It is also an option to use a towel to dry the board. In any case, make sure that the board is completely dry before you store it in the shed or storage bag.

2) Deflate the board completely

Do you have an inflatable SUP ?

  1. Then let the board completely deflate after drying
  2. Then roll up the SUP and put it back in the storage bag if necessary
  3. Always check whether all the air is actually out

3) Press the valve firmly

For both the lifespan of the SUP and the valve, it is important that you press the valve properly and turn it down. As a result, the air pressure of the SUP board decreases and all air can escape completely.

During the deflation of your SUP board , a lot of noise can be created due to the air pressure present . That is why it is possible to use a ' silent air remover ', which greatly dampens the sound.

4) Unroll the board again to dry thoroughly

With an inflatable SUP, it is definitely recommended to roll out the board again to let it dry again. After deflating the board you will notice that there is still some form of humidity present.

So it never hurts to let the board dry again after you have drained it when you have arrived home. This way you can be sure that no moisture remains in the storage bag, which is not desirable.

SUP boards from Watersports4fun

Now that you know more about SUP board maintenance, you can start looking for a suitable board for you. Take a look at our webshop and view the wide range of SUP boards in different sizes and colors.

In addition, it is also an option to immediately look for a suitable SUP board paddle and any accessories . This way you are well prepared on the road. In short, at Watersports4fun you are at the right place for all your SUP articles.

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