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SUP Yoga: check out our guide & suitable boards!

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Nicole Staartjens |

SUP is becoming more and more popular every year, which means that SUP Yoga is also getting more and more attention. The reason that supping has become so popular is because it is a very accessible sport and it is also fun to do. Yoga was then added to it so that Yoga can take place on the water.

In addition to traditional supping, where you propel yourself with a paddle on a SUP board , more and more other variants are emerging , including SUP Yoga. It is basically a form of water yoga, but now you do all the exercises on a SUP board.

On this page we would like to tell you more about it!

What exactly is SUP Yoga?

Actually, the name says exactly what SUP Yoga means. You go on the water with a (reinforced) or inflatable board and then perform various yoga exercises.

Most people are probably asking themselves now: why would you practice yoga on the water? However, there are many different reasons for this.

One of the main reasons is that the combination of yoga and water is even more soothing . In addition, you should pay even more attention to your balance, so that the muscles in your body are stimulated more.

So you can see it as a full body workout , but then on the water. Yet it doesn't feel like a workout, because it has a very calming effect.

What do you need to perform Yoga on a SUP?

To practice SUP Yoga you must first have a sturdy paddle board. An inflatable board with a thickness of 15 cm will be ideal for this. This is because an inflatable board is (almost) always more stable than a hard board.

In addition, the thicker the board, the firmer and more stable it will be. An inflatable board with a reasonable thickness is therefore perfect for the combination of supping with yoga.

In addition to needing a suitable board, it is important that you also have a good yoga technique . If you have never practiced yoga before, it is advisable to first master some yoga positions by practicing them on the mainland.

Then of course you also have to practice with the SUP board first, but this is a less difficult task. Curious about SUP boards for beginners ? Then quickly click on the link.

It is also wise to wear clothes that can get wet . At the beginning, of course, it sometimes prevents you from falling off the board. Therefore, put on special SUP clothing , or a bikini or swimming trunks.

Do you have more trouble staying standing on a SUP board? No problem, in our webshop we sell extra wide boards with a high carrying weight of 150 kg that are optimal for Yoga on the water.

Why the combination of supping and Yoga?

SUP Yoga was created due to the growing popularity of supping. This is already a very relaxed activity to do, because you are quiet in nature without ambient noise. For this reason, people have come up with practicing yoga on a SUP board.

Balance, equilibrium and focus are very important in both supping and yoga . SUP Yoga therefore ensures that all these elements are strengthened, so that you are even better balanced and you can focus better. Especially because you are nice in nature and you can't be distracted by anything or anyone.

If it's up to us, this is a perfect combination . If you don't want to do anything at all and really want to relax, there are even electric SUP boards available that can be used while practicing Yoga.

SUP Yoga products at Watersport4fun

Now that you know a little more about this form of water yoga, you may want to try it yourself. In that case you should look for a suitable SUP board with which you have good stability . In addition, you might also like to purchase some accessories, which will make the SUP yoga session even more comfortable.

  • Consider, for example, a dry bag in which you can take drinks with you on the water. For all your necessities you can take a look at our webshop. Here you will find all SUP products from boards to paddles, and from drybags to electric SUP pumps for the SUP. In short, at Watersports4fun you are at the right place for all your SUP adventures.

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