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Fun tube rope

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Funtube ropes come in different types and strengths. It is therefore good to know what the options are, so that you can make a good choice. For example, it is important that the strength of the rope is in order to be able to pull the fun tube forward. Should this not be the case? Then there is a chance that the rope will come loose while sailing.

You obviously want to avoid this, as it could lead to an accident. Take a good look at the options and find a suitable rope that meets the requirements for your funtube. Take a look at our range below and look for the funtube rope for your funtube.

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Funtube tow: what types are there?

A funtube rope allows you to attach a funtube or tire behind the boat, and these lines are almost always floating lines. This means that the funtube line floats on the water and therefore always remains visible. Here the rope should be at least 15 meters long and no longer than 20 meters.

Is the line short? Then there will soon be too much tension on the line. However, too long a rope is not good either, as the driver of the boat will have less control over the funtube's movements.

In addition, we can distinguish between two different types of funtube ropes. Below we discuss them briefly with you.

Bungee rope

A funtube rope soon comes under a lot of stress. This can come at the expense of both the boat and the funtube itself. The elastic component of a bungee rope ensures that the pulling force will be less intense, so both the rope and the funtube will last longer. Moreover, the rope is also less likely to fail just like that.

Funtube bridle

To prevent the line from getting caught between the boat's propeller, we recommend using a funtube bridle. This is because the bridle is attached to the left and right rear of the boat and forms a V-shape around the motor. This prevents the tow rope from becoming entangled in the propeller of the boat and prevents a lot of damage to both the funtube and the motor.

Recommended line strength

It is good to know what line strength the funtube rope must meet to prevent the line from snapping. We have therefore listed the approximate line strengths per number of people for you below:

  • 1-2 people: line strength of about 1100 kg

  • 3-4 people: line strength of about 1900 kg

  • 5-10 people: line strength of about 2800 kg

You yourself do not necessarily have to take the line strength into account, since it is indicated for how many people the rope is suitable. In this regard, a line strength of about 2800 kg is mainly used for a banana boat on which you can sit with more than 4 people.

Buy Funtube tow rope?

Are you still looking for a suitable funtube line for your boat and funtube? Then take a look at the assortment on this page. Here we have put together all our funtube ropes from various brands for you.

  • If you are specifically looking for a rope for your Jobe funtube or a 2-person funtube? Then use the filter options. With these you can specify your search and find the right funtube line in no time.

Need additional help or personal advice? Then be sure to contact our helpful customer service team. We can be reached by phone, email or the live chat on our site.

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