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Rubber boat with handlebar

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If you want to spend a nice day relaxing on the water, a dinghy with steering wheel can come in handy. In most cases, a rubber boat is equipped with an outboard motor where you control the boat via a lever on the engine.

However, there are now also various models that are equipped with a steering console. A steering console on a dinghy offers many advantages, but which boat is best for me? Take a look at our range below and let our expert customer service advise you. We are happy to help you find a nice dinghy that meets your personal needs .

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The advantages of a dinghy with handlebars

A dinghy with a console (steering wheel) brings many advantages over a dinghy with an outboard motor. Among other things, it is easier for the driver of the boat to keep an overview, since he/she can sit in a good spot.

Within this category you also have a wide choice of various types of dinghies, including an inflatable boat. So take a look at our selection right away and start looking for the boat that suits you.

In addition, a steering console on the dinghy offers some more advantages, below we will discuss them with you briefly.


For the driver of the boat it is of course ideal to be ableto sit comfortably. Rubber boats with handlebars therefore always have a special seat for the captain. In the case of an outboard, you always sit at the back of the boat and usually even just on the edge. So a proper seat does make the driver more comfortable.

Heading & Overview

With a handlebar on a dinghy, it is easier to maintain course. This is partly because you can make more precise turns with a handlebar than with an outboard motor. Handlebars also help you keep a better overview. Often this is because you have a special seat that allows you to sit higher than the rest and thus better maintain an overview on the water.

Buy dinghy with handlebars?

Besides the fact that a dinghy with handlebars offers many advantages, you also have a wide selection to choose from. So take a good look at what the differences are between certain models and possibly use the handy filter options. For example, you can search specifically for a dinghy offer so that you can also save on your purchase.

Do you still have questions or need personalized advice? Then don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are at your service and can be reached by phone, email and/or via the live chat on the site. That is the service of Watersports4fun!

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