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Touring SUP board

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Looking for a suitable touring SUP board for covering long distances? Then look no further, because you've come to the right place. In our range you will find a wide range of different types of SUP boards , including the variants that are extremely suitable for touring activities.

With a touring SUP board it becomes more comfortable to cover long distances on the water . This is partly because the board is stable in the water and you can move forward effortlessly. So do you have long SUP trips planned? Don't hesitate and have your new touring SUP board at home tomorrow.

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What is a touring SUP board?

touring SUP is a board of reasonable size, with reasonable length, width and thickness. This makes it a real intermediate size. Almost all boards in this category have a thickness of 15 cm, so you experience a lot of stability on the water.

Another typical feature is that these boards are not too long, allowing you to move easily on the water and still be reasonably maneuverable. In addition, touring SUPs are not too wide, so you can easily stand on them and still gain speed if you want to.

Features touring SUP

When we start looking at the characteristics of a touring SUP, we quickly see that it is an intermediate size. This is because the SUP is quite long, wide and has a good thickness. Most boards in this category have thickness of 15 cm, so you experience a lot of stability on the water.

In addition, the boards are relatively long. This makes it easier to propel yourself and be maneuverable at the same time.

The width of the board is also not unimportant, as it ensures that you can gain speed without too much effort. In fact, the board is just wide enough to stand on, resulting in less resistance while paddling.

Who is a Touring SUP board suitable for?

The touring board is suitable for anyone who does not want to turn Stand Up Paddling into a sport, but just wants to spend a relaxing day paddling. So you can comfortably take it on a long tour, paddle quietly for a day or perform a workout.

So do you like to paddle freely on the water and don't necessarily need a lot of speed? Then a touring board is the perfect choice for you.

Take a look at our webshop and find out which board is best for you. Are you looking for a board you could possibly paddle in competitions? Then a tour board is not optimal for this.

In that case, you can filter our webshop on race SUP boards specifically designed for racing and making speed. You can also find some SUP activities, such as SUP Yoga, in our webshop.

Types of touring SUP boards

When picking out a great touring board, it is important to choose between a hard and inflatable SUP board.

Inflatable touring SUP boards

Nowadays we see more and more people opting for an inflatable board simply because they are very practical.

Thus, you can easily store the board in the included carrying bag and the board hardly takes up any space.

The board still needs to be pumped up every time on location, but of course this is not a disaster with an electric SUP pump.

Some more advantages are that it is easy to take an inflatable SUP with you, even when traveling by plane. Moreover, the chance of damage is much lower.

Non-inflatable touring SUP board (hard touring SUP board)

Do you want to be able to put your SUP directly in the water every time? Then a hardboard is better suited for you. However, you should keep in mind that these types of boards are more difficult to transport, as they take up more space.

Still, a hardboard is a good choice for experienced suppers because they have more stiffness. This makes you stand even more stable on the board and move yourself easily over the water. Want to know more about the differences between a hard & inflatable SUP board? Find out more here.

Benefits of a tour board

Are you choosing a touring SUP board? Then in most cases this is a very wise choice. In fact, there are many advantages associated with this type of board. Below you can see which advantages a tour SUP brings:

  • Thanks to the thickness of 15 cm very stable on the water;
  • Wide selection of different designs and brands;
  • Available as a hardboard or an inflatable board;
  • Comfortable during long distances;
  • Easily propel yourself across the water;
  • Perfect intermediate size for beginning suppers;
  • Most models come with a complete SUP set.

SUP tour board brands

All available A-brands in the Netherlands today sell touring SUP boards. With a purchase from one of these brands, enjoy a warranty period between 1 to 5 years. Take a look through the webshop at the SUP touring board collection of the following brands:

  • Aqua Marina
  • Jobe
  • Mistral
  • MOAI
  • Indiana
  • Aquaboard
  • Starboard
  • Fanatic
  • Red paddle

SUP touring board from Watersports4fun

Would you like to purchase a tour board? Then Watersports4fun is the right place for you. In our webshop you will find a wide range of different tour boards from the best brands.

Think of differences in design, color and included accessories. Always look carefully at what is important to you and then choose the board that appeals to you most.

Finding it difficult to find the best board for your situation? Feel free to contact us for advice. That way, you can be sure to find a suitable touring SUP board that suits your personal needs.

Frequently asked Questions

Which touring SUP board is the best?

The best touring SUP board at the moment is the MOAI 11'. With as successor the Aqua Marina Fusion and Mistral Coral 10'5. The best touring SUP board, the MOAI 11' falls in the middle class in terms of price (€ 589) and therefore has a very excellent price-quality ratio. Best tour SUP boards:

MOAI 11' - €589,-
Aqua Marina Fusion - €449,-
Mistral Coral - €699,-

What does a touring SUP board cost?

A touring SUP board costs between €250 and €1,500, depending on the brand you choose. The average price for a tour SUP board is €450. Good brands that you can look at when purchasing a touring SUP board are Mistral, MOAI and Aqua Marina.

What is the most stable touring SUP?

The most stable touring SUP is the Mistral Adventure Edition 11'5. It is a long model, a good thickness of 15 cm and a high carrying weight of 150 kilograms. Through customer feedback we have heard several times that this board is well in the water and offers a lot of stability.

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