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Life jackets

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Are you going out on the water for a day by boat? Then a life jacket is a must. A life jacket can save lives in emergency situations and it is therefore wise to have a life jacket available for every person on board. Accidents are in a small corner and can never be prevented.

You can prepare yourself for this by buying enough vests for your fellow passengers. This way you ensure that everyone can sail safely and serious situations can be prevented. Life jackets come in different shapes and sizes. So take your time to take a look at our range and view the possibilities.

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Why is a life jacket so important?

As you've probably already heard, life jackets serve to save lives in an emergency , hence the name. Should you fall unconscious in the water while sailing, boating or any other water activity? Then the vest will ensure that you can keep breathing.

Thanks to the vest's large collar, your head stays above water and you are automatically turned onto your back. This allows you to keep breathing at all times and prevents serious accidents.

So do not hesitate too long to proceed with the purchase of a life jacket when you go out on the water for a day. In this case, also make sure that all fellow boaters have a vest at their disposal.

How is it different from a life jacket?

A lot of confusion often arises between the terms "life jacket" and "life jacket". But what exactly are the differences between these two types of vests? The main difference between these two types of vests is in the collar. This is because a life jacket does not have a collar that keeps your head above water.

Instead, a life jacket serves as an aid to help you float better. However, you must be able to swim properly. Life jackets are often used during water sports because your orientation under water deteriorates if you fall hard. You might end up swimming to the bottom instead of going to the surface. With a life jacket, you can prevent this from happening, because you are already fairly pulled to the surface.

A life jacket, on the other hand, serves primarily as a rescue device in emergency situations. Thus, you will always stay afloat regardless of your mental or physical state at the time. Therefore, you do not have to be able to swim to stay afloat.

Different types of life jackets

If you are looking for a life jacket you will soon be presented with the choice between two different types of vests, namely a solid state or automatic life jacket. Both types have the same function, but work slightly differently. So below we explain to you exactly what the differences are, so you can make a good choice for yourself.

Solid-state vest

You can recognize a solid-state lifejacket by the large collar that ensures you always keep your head above water. The vest is filled with foam which provides the high buoyancy. Because of this, you don't need any swimming experience to stay afloat.

So these are ideal life jackets for children who do not yet have a swimming certificate, but would still like to spend a day on the boat. Take a look at our assortment and find the life jacket that fits your needs.

Automatic vest

An automatic life jacket is becoming increasingly popular, as they offer more comfort on the boat. For example, you have more freedom of movement because the vest only inflates itself when it comes into contact with water. The vest features a salt tablet that is in contact with a CO2 cartridge.

When the vest comes into contact with the water, the firing pin shoots into the CO2 cartridge and the vest automatically inflates. Then you stay afloat and prevent the risk of drowning. When the vest has been used, the salt tablet and CO2 cartridge should be reloaded so that the vest can be used again.

In our assortment you will find various automatic vests with the following buoyancy ratings:

Buy Life Jacket at Watersports4fun

Would you like to buy one or more life jackets? Then you've come to the right place. At the top of this page you will find a wide range of life jackets for babies, women, men and children. All vests are available in different sizes and colors, so there is something for everyone.

In addition, you can decide for yourself what type of life jacket you would like. Choose between a solid or an automatic vest and choose the one you feel comfortable with. After all, it's all about your safety and that always comes first.

Do you have questions about a particular model or aren't sure what's best for your personal situation? Feel free to contact our customer service. We can be reached by phone, email or live chat and will be happy to help you find the most suitable water sports equipment.


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