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SUP clothing ladies

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Looking for beautiful and practical SUP clothing for women ? Then you have come to the right place at Watersports4fun. Here you will find a wide range of SUP clothing especially for women. You can think of various types of leggings, tops and full wetsuits.

In recent years, Stand Up Paddling has grown into a true sport and that is why many major water sports brands take this very seriously. There are several brands that have developed a special SUP clothing line for both women and men. This allows you to score a practical SUP outfit, regardless of your gender, so that you can get on your board comfortably.

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Why is there special SUP clothing for ladies?

When supping began as a not very common hobby, most people still got on their boards in a normal wetsuit. However, they soon came to the conclusion that this was not very comfortable. This is because a regular wetsuit is quite stiff, giving you little freedom of movement.

Hence, well-known water sports brands have developed special SUP clothing. In doing so, they have taken into account the fit of women and men. Thus, women have been given their own clothing line and nowadays there is a wide choice of different types of SUP clothing for women. Of course, SUP clothing for men is also available.

We also occasionally see normal sportswear being used while supping. As long as you stay on the board this is not a problem, but once you land in the water it is not nice to stand on the board with wet sportswear. Hence, it is a smart move to purchase a special clothing.

Comfortable on your SUP board

Because many women have experienced in the past that sportswear or normal wetsuits are not practical while supping, special SUP clothing for women has been developed. Therefore, nowadays you have a wide choice of different types of garments for supping. Most of these SUP clothes are made of special materials, like neoprene, which provide a lot of freedom of movement and comfort. After all, while supping you need to be maneuverable and able to move freely with your arms. Therefore, look for an outfit in which you feel comfortable.

Find a suitable outfit

Depending on your personal needs and the way you will be supping will determine which garments you need. When we start looking at SUP clothing for women we quickly see many different types, leggings, tops and wetsuits. These include leggings with short and long legs, and tops with long and short sleeves. This allows you to find an appropriate outfit for both summer and winter.

  • Do you always sit on your knees while supping? Then long leggings can be a good choice. This is because it prevents your knees from rubbing over the board, making the trip feel more pleasant. Besides that, the SUP clothing has to look good as well. Check out our webshop to see if you can find the right outfit for your SUP adventures.

SUP clothing for ladies from Watersports4fun

Suitable and comfortable SUP clothing for women can be found at Watersports4fun. As soon as you take a look in our webshop, you'll soon come to the conclusion that you have a wide choice of different articles. You're guaranteed to succeed in finding your new SUP outfit and you'll be well prepared for the trip. Do you have doubts whether the chosen items will fit or are you afraid they won't? Don't worry, because with us you have 30 days reflection period. You can also count on free shipping for orders over €100. That is the service of Watersports4fun.

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