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SUP at sea: view the 5 most important tips!

suppen op zee tips

Nicole Staartjens |

Can you just go paddle boarding at sea? A question that is regularly asked by both novice and experienced suppers. SUP is a water sport that has become extremely popular in recent years .

This is partly because it is a fun activity and it is very accessible to everyone. This way it is not a difficult sport to learn and after a few times you can already get out of your feet with your SUP board .

In addition, people sometimes wonder if it is possible to go supping at sea . On this page we would like to tell you more about it and give you some tips about supping at sea.

Where can you go supping at sea?

SUP is a water sport that you can do (almost) everywhere. Think of lakes, rivers, canals, ponds and even at sea. It is also an opportunity to go supping on rougher waters, but this is usually only reserved for the experienced paddlers among us.

For starters, it's best to go to a calm lake or river where you can practice well. After trying it a few times you will soon find out that it is not very difficult. You can then challenge yourself more and more by going to different locations where the water is a bit rougher, such as the sea with its waves.

For example, you can go supping at sea. Here the water is a bit wilder than on other waters, so you can improve your SUP qualities. However , there are a number of things that you should pay attention to .

SUP at sea tips for a better experience

As you have probably heard, it is indeed possible to go supping at sea. However , you should take a number of things into account to prevent accidents from happening .

It is also important that you only go supping at sea when you have gained sufficient experience. As a novice supper it is not advisable to go directly to the sea with your SUP board .

That is why we have listed a number of tips for you below, so that you know what to look out for when you go to sea for the first time. Safety is very important when paddle boarding .

1. Get an inflatable board

When you go to the sea to paddle board, it can be useful if you own an inflatable SUP board. The sea is not around the corner for many people.

The advantage of an inflatable board is that you can easily take it with you in the trunk of your car, or even on the plane . You can then inflate the board on location using a handy electric pump to enter the water within minutes.

2. A short and wide SUP board

SUPing at sea is generally more difficult than on lakes or rivers , because the water is simply wilder. That is why a short and wide SUP board can come in handy.

Such a board is more resistant to rough water and reduces the chance that your board will capsize. In our webshop we offer various short and wide boards that are ideal for the sea .

3. Stay close to shore and surf

The further you go into the sea, the wilder the water becomes. This can then make it almost impossible to paddle properly. Therefore, do not go too far from the coast with your SUP, but stay close to the surf.

The water is generally less wild and there are also less high waves here, so you can paddle better. We recommend that you always do this as a novice supper , the sea can sometimes be difficult to predict due to currents.

4. Put on a life jacket

Because the water at sea is often rougher, we recommend that you always put on a life jacket. Even if you are a very experienced supper, you can never predict what is going to happen or how wild the water is going to get.

SUPing at sea becomes a lot safer when you put on a life jacket . Are you going supping at sea with the children? Then it is always the most sensible to provide the children with a well-fitting life jacket, this is also recommended for dogs .

5. Use a leash

While supping at sea you soon find out that you fall off your board more often. It can therefore be smart to use a leash that you attach to your hip or leg. This prevents your SUP board from floating away while you have fallen into the water.

It would be a shame if you ended up without a SUP board. In addition, you always have your board available to lean on when the water gets a bit more intense. View the SUP board accessories in our webshop .

The necessary SUP products for SUP at sea

Are you looking for a suitable board, accessories and clothing to go supping at sea? Then you've come to the right place. As you have probably read, you need a number of specific accessories to go paddle boarding at sea.

Think of a leash, life jacket and possibly other accessories that make the SUP adventure more comfortable. So take a look at our webshop where you can find all the supplies for supping.

This way you can be sure that you will be well prepared the next time you go to sea.

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