Aquaboard TSP 2040 C


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Multifunctional wireless portable battery Sup air pump/compressor 20 PSI, Stand-up Paddle Board Electric inflator pump, Battery-powered with automatic shut-off.

Inflation and deflation function, max 20 psi for SUP, kayak, Inflatable Boat etc. up to 20 PSI = 1,38 BAR !

  1. The pump has a built-in lithium battery, the capacity is 7500 mAh for the B and 15000 mAh for the C version. Depending on the supboard and the pressure it needs, the TSP2040 B can inflate 1 to 3 and the C version 2 to 6 sups.
  2. Quick and easy inflation of a standard SUP board with the rechargeable pump, it only takes a few minutes. (4 to 10)
  3. Touch panel: LCD HD screen, with touch buttons makes everything easy. 4. 4. Dual function: the pump has both inflation and deflation function.
  4. Dual motor 2 stages: 1st stage Low pressure (inflation): 350L/Min, 2nd stage High pressure (compressor): 70L/Min;
  5. Two power options: The SUP pump can be used on battery power or through the 12V connection of your car for example.
  6. Multi-purpose: the pump can be used for SUP paddleboards, inflatable boats, benches, airbeds, kayaks, mattresses and inflatable tents, etc.
  7. Preset and auto-off function: you can preset the psi value before inflating the SUP, and it will automatically stop when the set value is reached.
  8. Cooling system: the pump comes with a strong cooling system. This helps to cool the internal parts of the pump.
  9. Handle design and non-slip design: the SUP pump is designed with an integrated handle, it helps the user to carry it easily and make it more mobile. When the pump is working, the non-slip pad keeps it stable.
  • Size 27x18x13 cm
  • Operates at temperatures from -10 to +60
  • Weight 1.5 kg

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