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Electric SUP boards: you can read all about it here!

elektrische sup boards

Nicole Staartjens |

What are electric SUP boards and what can you do with them? Stand Up Paddling is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. That is why there is also innovative thinking about new products in the field of SUP boards, which increases the range. This can sometimes make buying a SUP board quite difficult.

For example, they are constantly trying to develop new boards that must distinguish themselves from others. This is how the electric SUP board was created. But what exactly is it and what are the functionalities of such a board? You can read more about it on this page.

What is an electric SUP?

First of all, it is good to know that there are different electric SUP boards that differ in functionalities. But in general, the idea behind an electric board is the same.

In principle, you could see an electric SUP board as an electric bicycle , but then of course for on the water. This way you are supported with the help of a motor and battery while paddling.

You can also choose to let the battery and the motor do all the work. You then only have to stand on the board and keep your balance while moving through the motor.

An electric SUP board is therefore ideal for people who are not fully able to cover long distances on a Stand Up Paddling board.

Different types of electric SUP boards

As we have mentioned before, there are different types of electric SUPs available. These differ not only in prices, but also in functionalities.

To keep it as simple as possible for you, we have listed the different types below. This way you can see at a glance what the functionalities of an electric SUP can be:

  • Only with a motor and battery;
  • With motor, battery and a built-in compressor;
  • Possibly with built-in LED lighting;
  • Motors that either only have a support function or can move forward completely on their own;

As you can see, you still have a wide choice of different electric SUPs. It is important to look at which functions you think you need.

Functionalities of an electric SUP board

Now that you know what types of electric SUP boards there are, it is also useful to know exactly how the different functions work. So let's start with the battery and the motor. Together, these ensure that you are supported while paddling and can be compared to an electric bicycle.

There is also a difference between different types of batteries and motors. For example, there are strong motors that can move completely on their own, while others only offer a supporting function.

Do you no longer want to manually inflate your SUP board every time? Then an electric SUP with built-in compressor can offer a solution. This is how you roll out your board and attach the pump hose to the compressor in the board. Then the board will inflate itself and you don't have to do anything yourself. A SUP pump is therefore no longer necessary.

There are also SUP boards with built-in LED lighting. This is often an extra and it is not necessarily necessary to provide your board with lighting.

Still, it can be very cool when you go on vacation to an area with clear blue water. With the lighting on your board you can see better underwater and see the fish swimming below you.

Why choose an electric SUP board?

There are plenty of reasons why electric SUP boards could be a good choice for suppers. However, the choice for a SUP board is entirely up to you to make.

That is why we have listed the pros and cons for you, so that you can weigh up certain points for yourself. This way you can make an informed choice.


  • You can travel long distances more easily with it;
  • The electric SUPs are inflatable and therefore easy to carry;
  • Inflate the SUP using the built-in compressor ;
  • Better visible on the water thanks to the built-in lighting ;
  • Are you normally not physically able to sup? Then an e-SUP can offer a solution;
  • You can easily operate the motor with the supplied remote control.


  • More expensive than regular SUP boards;
  • They are heavier due to the built-in compressor, battery and motor.

Maintenance of electric SUP boards

As with all other SUP boards, the maintenance of an e-SUP is also very important. For example, you must perform normal maintenance before and after use, such as completely emptying the board and letting it dry properly. You must of course take into account the battery of the SUP.

Should you not use the board for a while? Then make sure that you still charge the battery from time to time to prevent it from breaking. Keep in mind that you remove the battery from the socket at 100% to prevent loss of power and capacity.

Electric SUP boards from Watersports4fun

Are you looking for electric SUP boards? Then you have come to the right place at Watersports4fun. In our webshop you will find a wide range of SUP boards, SUP board paddles and other accessories for supping .

This gives you a wide choice of different articles and there is something for everyone. Moreover, you can be sure that you will be well prepared with our articles. We wish you a lot of paddling fun!

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