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How do I know if my SUP board is leaking?

sup board lek

Nicole Staartjens |

To determine if your SUP board is leaking, it is important to regularly inspect for any signs of air loss. This can be caused by a drop in temperature , which leads to a drop in air pressure.

If you suspect a leak, you can inflate the board and lubricate it with soap or detergent. There is a leak in the places where bubbles appear which must be sealed.

How do you detect a leaky SUP board?

Take the SUP board out of the water and let it deflate, then inflate the board again and observe whether bubbles appear. It is advisable to use a soap or detergent, use this to look for bulging spots that may indicate a leak.

If you notice one or more of these signs, it is important to repair the leak or carry out maintenance to prevent further damage and ensure the fun of paddle boarding.

Causes & solutions for a leaky SUP board

A leaking stand up paddle board (SUP) is a common problem among SUP enthusiasts. There are several causes for a board to leak, ranging from natural wear and tear to operating errors.

Some common causes include damage from sharp objects during transport or storage, overuse of a used SUP board, for example, and exposure to extreme weather conditions, such as UV radiation or high temperatures.

Below we have listed the most common cases:

  • Leaky valve : if you have a leaky valve, this means that the air escapes through the valve or that the valve no longer closes properly. This can be for several reasons, including:
    • Aging, where the valve eventually wears out
    • Air pressure too high, where inflating the board above the recommended PSI has led to permanent damage, such as a broken valve
    • Loose valve, which can be easily fixed using a specific valve wrench from a repair kit.
  • Broken PVC layer : when the SUP Board is worn out, it is usually a small hole through which air escapes. In this case you have the choice to repair the board yourself with a repair kit (read it thoroughly first!) or to take it to a SUP repair company.
    • Sharp object: when the SUP board has a leak due to a sharp object, it is important to determine the size of the hole. A small hole is still relatively easy to repair, while a large hole is almost impossible. For example, a thumb-sized hole will become very difficult to repair.
  • Factory error : a factory error can of course also be the cause of a leaking SUP board. Do you expect this to be the case with your board? Please contact the seller from whom you purchased the board.

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